Most of our class meetings will require some outside preparation on your part. As documentation that you are doing this preparation, and (more importantly) to help facilitate lively and interesting classroom discussions, you will often have to submit a brief note to the discussion leaders of the day.

Discussion Notes

Discussion notes consists of the following:

  • Summary: A very brief (3-4 sentence) description of what the paper is about.
  • Take home: 1 sentence that captures what you think is the most important point/idea/insight in the paper. The hope is that if you remember one thing about the paper, this is it.
  • Discussion questions/topics: 2 questions (1 sentence each is fine) that you have after reading the paper or topics that you would like to talk about during the discussion group or see covered in the presentation.

Deadlines and how to submit:

  • For core papers:
    • How: In a plain text email
    • Who: Your discussion leader + the TA
    • When: Noon on the day of class
  • For supplementary papers:
    • How: In a plain text email
    • Who: The presenters of the paper + the TA
    • When: 24 hours before the start of class

Summary Notes

The discussion leader of each group is responsible for posting summary notes to Piazza after the in-class discussion. In the last 5-10 minutes of the discussion group, the group should collectively write these notes. However, the discussion leader is ultimately responsible for submitting them and therefore has a strong incentive to keep the discussion flowing! The summary notes consists of the following:

  • Summary: A brief (1 paragraph) description of what the paper is about.
  • Take home(s): 1 (or maybe up to 3) sentence(s) that captures what the group ultimately decided were the most important take home ideas of the paper.
  • Discussion highlights: 3 very brief descriptions (2-3 sentences each) of the most interesting topics/controversies/insights that were discussed during your group.

Deadlines: Within 24 hours of the corresponding discussion group.

Project Code and Documents

Each project group will submit a short document along with their project code. More details on this document will be posted in the coming weeks.

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