Use of Piazza

Throughout the term, we’ll be using (abusing?) Piazza’s Q&A platform as a combination of a mailing list and a wiki. You should sign up for Piazza and join the class page ASAP!

CS 589 on Piazza

We will use Piazza for a variety of purposes:

  • As a simple mailing list for posting important announcements, such as homework and project deadlines, schedule changes, etc.

  • As a wiki for collecting post-discussion summaries of each of the papers we discuss in class.

  • As a Q&A platform for asking questions related to the class and getting answers.

In it’s role as a Q&A platform, Piazza is geared toward students helping other students. Anybody can post or answer a question, and you can even do so anonymously if you’re shy. The instructor can revise (if needed) and endorse student answers so you can be confident in the quality of the response.

Students are strongly encouraged to post questions (about readings, projects, or anything class-related) to Piazza first, rather than email the instructor. Students should also frequently check-in to answer other students’ questions. Not only will this enable everyone to get help quickly, but teaching someone else is the best way to learn something, so you’ll be improving your understanding of the material as well.

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