Setting up Microsoft Visual C++ Solutions and Projects

The instructions below will describe the lab conventions for setting up solutions and projects in Visual C++. Please follow them closely.

  1. All projects should stem from the "Empty Project" template. This template has the best settings already in place (No precompiled headers, none of the additional windows bells and whistles). Every project name should be entirely lowercase, to match file name conventions.
  2. The default builds "Debug" and "Release" should be adapted for static libraries as applicable.
  3. Debug settings that need to be set (under Configuration Properties for the project):
  4. Release settings that should be changed (under Configuration Properties for the project):
  5. Set the project dependencies. Right click on the solution and select properties.
  6. If there is a test suite associated with this project. . .
  7. The library should now successfully compile.
  8. When committing the library, only the following files should be uploaded:
    All other files should be automatically generated at compile time.
  9. If you want to create an executable for your project, you will need to create a folder called "exec" in your project folder. Inside "exec", you will need a file with a main function.