CS/ECE 372:  Introduction to Computer Networks

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Spring  2017
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Oregon State University

Course Information


Dr. Attila A. Yavuz


Kelley Engineering Center (KEC) 3065



URL: http://web.engr.oregonstate.edu/~yavuza/Courses/Spring2017_IntroComputerNetworks/


WNGR 151


TR 12:00 – 1:20 PM

Office hours:

Monday 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Friday 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
at KEC 3065
TAs Info

Mr. Mohamed Grissa
On leave

Mr. Ceyhun Ozkaptan
Refer to class emails for updates
Office hours hold at KEC 3048

Course Objectives and Syllabus

Introduction to wired/wireless network principles, organization, topologies, hardware, applications, and protocols in the OSI hierarchy context. Internet protocols, packet forwarding, and routing. Basic network security concepts, private/public key cryptography, key management for internet and PKI. Some important topics include but not limited to the followings:

Please see syllabus


CS 261 (data structure) and basic mathematical/probability skills.

Course Schedule and Materials

·         Kurose and Ross, Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet, Addison Wesley (required)

·         Wireshark (http://www.wireshark.org/)

       ·    The details of scheduling and course material (e.g., notes, research papers, slides) will be provided as the course progresses. 

Remark: The below schedule, topics and paper/presentations are tentative, it will be updated frequently, please check accordingly:

Date Topics  Materials/Slides

Week 1


Discussion on the course content and Syllabus

High-level Objectives

Introduction to computer networks and the Internet 



Hand Notes:
Week 2

Introduction to computer networks and the Internet (cont')
Overall 5 layer architecture review

TPC versus UDP

Transport-layer Multiplexing/Demultiplexing

Start Reliable Data Transfer (rtd) Protocol

Introduction_ComputerNetworks (same slide set above)


Hand notes:
               Week 3

                                                TPC Cont'

                                                rtd cont'

                                                Pipeline protocols
                                                Congestion Control

                                                Introduction to Network Layer
                                                   Chapter3_TPC (same slide set above)

                                                                Hand Notes:  

            Week 4

                                                 Network Layer: Data Plane

                                 Useful Algorithmic Tools for Computer Networks
                                                         Bloom Filter
                                                         Hash Functions
                                Feauted Lecture: Privacy Enhancing Technologies



                                                              Hand Notes:  
            Week 5

                                               Midterm on 05.02.2017

                                                Midterm solutions,
                                  Hash functions as a basic computer network tool
                                                              Midterm Solutions discussed in detail

                                                               (basics of hash functions)
            Week 6
                                                      Network Layer: Control Plane                                                  

                                                          Hand Notes:  

                                                            Cont' basic hashes

                                                             Start Chapter 6, MAC layer
            Week 7
                                                     Distinguished Guest Lectures
                                                      by Dr. Jesse Walker

                                                             Local Area Networks
            Week 8
                                                         Link-Layer                                                                 Basics
                                                                 Error Detection, Parity bit, CRC


                                                          Hand Notes:  

            Week 9
                                                      Network-Security (I)                                                          
                                                                 Absolute Basics: From textbook slides

                                                                 Supplementary slides  for basics
                                                                  Hand Notes: Overview of Interet Security

                                                                 DH, RSA, (important) Supports book

                                                                  Optional supplementary material:

                                Hand Notes: RSA Terminology, encryption/decryption and digital  signature
            Week 10
                                                      Network-Security (II)                                                                          Chapther 8 Cont'      

                                     Handnotes: DH, Man-in-the-middle attack, Secure email protocol (fix on book)
                                                                   Selected Cyber-Security discussions

                                      Selected special topics with unanimous consensus in the class:


                                                                   Overview of Potential Final Questions
Final Week 06.14.2017, 12:00 - 1: 50 PM, at WNGR 151.  -

Announcements and Deadlines:


Students must work individually unless otherwise specified.

There will be potentially five homework assignments:

Homework 1 is  here.

Answer key(s) for Homework 1 will be  here. (credit goes to Dr. Bechir Hamdaoui)

Takehome 1 is  here.

Answer key(s) for Takehome 1 will be here.

Lab 1 is  here.

Homework 2 is  here.

Answer key(s) for Homework 2 will be  here. (credit goes to Dr. Bechir Hamdaoui)

Lab 2 is  here.

Homework 3 is  here.

Answer key(s) for Homework 3 will be  here. (credit goes to Dr. Bechir Hamdaoui)

Lab 3 is  here.

Takehome 2 is  here.

Homework 4 is  here.

Answer key(s) for Homework 4 will be  here


The basic grading policy is as follows:

    Homework assignments and optional take home(s) (30%)  [extra credits will be available]
    • Labs (15%)
    • Midterm (25%)
    • Final  (30%)