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Houssam Abbas
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houssam abbas

Assistant Professor
School of Electrical Engr. and Computer Science
Oregon State University

Curriculum Vitae [PDF]

My research interests are in the verification, control and conformance testing of autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems, and the design of energy efficient implementations for CPS algorithms. Current research includes the verification of life-supporting medical devices, the verification and control of autonomous systems with a view towards regulating such systems, and anytime computation and control.

I received received my B.E. in Computer Engineering from the American University of Beirut (Lebanon) and the M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University. I was a research postdoc in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. I was a Design Automation engineer in the SoC Verification group at Intel from 2006 to 2014, where I developed functional verification and coverage tools and techniques for leveraging lightweight formal methods, and led the development of techniques for verifying low-power designs. I also served on the IEEE P1801 Standard Committee (Unified Power Format).

Fall 2019 We have been awarded an NSF CCRI grant on the F1/10 Racecar: Community Platforms for Safe, Secure and Coordinated Autonomy! With Rahul Mangharam at Penn and Venkat Krovi at Clemson, this project will develop a nation-wide research infrastructure in autonomous systems!

Spring 2019 OSU EECS and Robotics students: if you want to build and race an autonomous car, request to register for this Spring's Autonomous Driving course here!

January 2019: I am starting as an Assistant Professor in the EECS department at Oregon State University!

December 2018: Our paper on ``Temporal Logic Robustness for General Signal Classes'' has been accepted to HSCC 2019

October 2018: The 3d international F1/10 Autonomous Racing competition took place in Torino, Italy. Highlights here.

October 2018: Co-organizing two special sessions at EMSOFT: Embedded Software for Robotics: Challenges and Future Directions with Yasser Shoukry and Inranil Saha, and Design and Deployment of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, with Rahul Mangharam.

July 2018: Presented an update on our work on F1/10 autonomous race car as a research platform for online monitoring at the Federated Logic Conference (FLOC) 2018

February 2018: Our abstract on the use of Quantitative Regular Expressions to program ICDs has been accepted to Heart Rhythm Sessions 2018! HRS is one of the premier conferences for cardiac disease specialists and electrophysiologists, with an abstract acceptance rate hovering around the 15% mark. See you in Boston!

January 2018: My paper on generalizing robust MTL semantics for use in electrophysiology applications has been accepted to ACC 2018.

January 2018: Submit your abstracts on the Monitoring and Testing of CPS to MT-CPS Workshop, co-located with CPSWeek 2018 in Porto, Portugal. Deadline Feb. 20. Details here

December 2017: Our paper, `Fly-by-Logic: Control of Multi-Drone Fleets with Temporal Logic Objectives', is accepted to ICCPS 2018! Yay Porto!

December 2017: Our work is featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer!

November 2017: I presented a summary of this year's work at the NSF CPS PI Meeting in Alexandria, on `Closing the Loop for Medica CPS'.

October 2017: Our article, "A Driver's License for Driverless Vehicles", will appear in ASME's Dynamic Systems and Control Magazine in December 2017.

October 2017: The first case study in our new course, Model-Based Embedded Systems, is done! Students were introduced to timed automata, LTL, UPPAAL, and the perils of bad timing in pacemakers. Next: keeping warm in energy-efficient buildings! See the Syllabus.

September 2017: Ezio Bartocci presented our paper on "Quantitative Regular Expressions for Arrhythmia Detection Algorithms" at CMSB in Darmstadt, Germany.

April 2017: Presented our paper on "Relaxed Decidability and the Robust Semantics of Temporal Logic" at HSCC 2017.

May 2017: Presented our work on Novel Morphology Discriminators for Implantable Defibrillators at Heart Rhythm Sessions 2017, the scientific congress of the Heart Rhythm Society, which is the main scientific association of electrophysiologists.

December 2016: Prof. Rahul Mangharam presented our work on A Driver's License Test for Autonomous Vehicles presented to CMU-Penn UTC Advisory Board [watch our crash video]

October 2016: F1/10 Autonomous Racing - First International Competition at Embedded Systems Week was a success. Watch the highlights [More]

September 2016: Participated in the Dagstuhl seminar on "Robustness for Cyber-Physical Systems" in Dagstuhl, Germany

April 2016 We hosted 3 F1/10 tutorials in CPSweek 2016. Check out the F1/10 website at http://f1tenth.org



An up-to date list can usually be found on Google Scholar.

Embedded Software for Robotics: Challenges and Future Directions (Invited), by H. Abbas, I. Saha, Y. Shoukry, R. Ehlers, G. Fainekos, R. Gupta, R. Majumdar and D. Ulus, EMSOFT 2018

A novel programming language to reduce energy consumption by arrhythmia monitoring algorithms in implantable cardioverter-defibrillators, by H. Abbas, K. Mamouras, A. Rodionova, R. Alur, J. Liang, S. Dixit, and R. Mangharam. Heart Rhythm Sessions 2018

Fly-by-Logic: Control of Multi-Drone Fleets with Temporal Logic Objectives, by Y. Pant, H. Abbas, and R. Mangharam, ICCPS 2018

Relaxed decidability and the robust semantics of Metric Temporal Logic by H. Abbas, M. O'Kelly and R. Mangharam. Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control. April 2017

Computer-Aided Design for Safe Autonomous Vehicles by H. Abbas, M. O'Kelly and R. Mangharam. Resilience Week. September 2017

A novel ICD morphology discriminator to improve discrimination between Ventricular and Supraventricular tachycardias by H. Abbas, K. J. Jang, J. Liang, S, Dixit and R. Mangharam. Hear Rhythm Sessions. May 2017

Smooth Operator: Control using the Smooth Robustness of Temporal Logic Y. P. Pant, H. Abbas and R. Mangharam. Conference on Control Technology and Applications. August 2017

Nonlinear Hybrid Automata Model of Excitable Cardiac Tissue. H. Abbas ,K. J. Jang and R. Mangharam. Applied Verification for Continuous and Hybrid Systems. April 2016.

Nonlinear Hybrid Automata Model of Excitable Cardiac Tissue. H. Abbas ,K. J. Jang and R. Mangharam. Applied Verification for Continuous and Hybrid Systems. April 2016.

Towards Model Checking of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators . H. Abbas, K. J. Jang, Z. Jiang and R. Mangharam. ACM HSCC. April 2016.


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