Graeme Best



A fundamental task of robotic systems is to use on-board sensors and perception algorithms to understand high-level semantic properties of an environment. These semantic properties may include a map of the environment, the presence, pose and class of objects, the behaviour of other agents, or the parameters of a dynamic field. The performance of perception algorithms can be greatly improved by planning the motion of the robots to obtain high-value observations. This motivates the problem of active perception, where the goal is to plan the observation viewpoints for a team of robots while considering both the motion constraints and the perception objectives of the task at hand.

To this end, my main body of research has focussed on developing planning algorithms for multi-robot active perception, such as decentralised Monte Carlo tree search, self-organising maps for active perception, and spatiotemporal optimal stopping. The proposed algorithms aim to address various important challenges, including: online and anytime planning, decentralised coordination, long planning horizons, unreliable communication, predicting plans of other agents, and exploiting characteristics of specific perception models.

These ideas have been or are currently being applied to a variety of scenarios, such as environmental monitoring, subterranean exploration, precision agriculture, marine operations, planetary exploration, active object recognition, and general task allocation.


DARPA Subterranean Challenge

Developing several key software components for the CMU+OSU team.

Self-organising maps for active perception

Specialised learning algorithms for path planning over continuous goal regions.


Dec-MCTS introduction at WAFR 2016

Planning-aware communication teaser video for ICRA 2018

DARPA Subterranean (SubT) challenge tunnel circuit (Aug 2019) teaser

A quick introduction to DARPA SubT team explorer!

Terrain classification using a hexapod robot (Honours thesis, 2013)


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