Timothy Budd's Virtual Bookshelf, #1


A Little Smalltalk

By Timothy Budd

Published by Addison-Wesley, 1987
ISBN: 0-201-10698-1
This was my first book.
It was largely written while I was
at the CWI in Amsterdam.
It described the first Smalltalk interepreter
not based on the Xerox-PARC image.
Text-based, non-bitmapped, the book
stayed in print far longer than it probably
should have.
The successor to Little Smalltalk
is now written in Java (see below).
Alternative Versions:
Japanese translation
Reviewed in
The C User's Group Newsletter, June 1987
Byte, January 1988
Computing Reviews, March 1988
Selected Book of the Month, Byte, April 1988
original distribution
tar file original version
Small World, latest version in Java