Oregon State University

Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Master of Business and Engineering Degree
Construction Engineering Management

2004-2005 Guidelines


1.    Admission

Students must meet OSU Graduate School Admission Requirements. Additional departmental requirements for applicants from outside Oregon State University are:

a.       Graduate Admissions testing:

                                                               i.      GRE Verbal + Quantitative minimum of 1100 and
GRE Verbal minimum of 400; OR/

                                                             ii.      GMAT minimum 500.

b.      TOEFL minimum: 580 (only for foreign students for whom English is not their native tongue).


Program prerequisite construction engineering experience, necessary for admittance to program:

                                                               i.      ACCE or ABET accredited BS in Construction Engineering, Civil Engineering, or Construction Management; OR/

                                                             ii.      Three years of experience working in construction industry management or supervisory positions (as indicated by a resume submitted at the time of application) and any Bachelor degree from an accredited institution.


2.    Support and Program of Study

a.       Students on GRA (graduate research assistant) support are not eligible for the MBE Degree.

b.      Priority for GTA (graduate teaching assistant) support will be given to Ph.D. and M.S. students, following which MBE students are eligible for GTA support.

c.       Students supported on a GRA or GTA for an M.S. program are expected to complete the M.S.  Students who are supported, or have been previously supported, on a GRA or GTA cannot change from the M.S. to the MBE degree except under exceptional circumstances, requiring the approval of the department head.   

d.      Students not supported on a GRA or GTA during their M.S. program may change from the M.S. to MBE degree at any time provided that they meet the basic admission requirements.

e.       Students in the MBE program must file a program of study during their first term or before they complete 15 credits.

f.        Students starting an MBE may switch to an M.S. or M.Eng. degree at any time provided that they meet the basic admission requirements.


3.    Recommended Study Program for the MBE

A Program of Study for the MBE must be developed in accordance with the following guidelines and sufficient to meet a minimum of 45 hours of graduate coursework in accordance with University policy.  In addition to the coursework described below, it is highly recommended that all students register for the fall and winter quarters of the CE 507 Graduate Seminar (1 hr each quarter).  The spring quarter of the CE 507 Graduate Seminar, dealing with graduate student research, is also recommended.  Note that prerequisite coursework indicated below is in addition to the 45 hours of graduate coursework required to complete the MBE.


a.      Construction Engineering Management Coursework

Master of Business and Engineering students must take a minimum of 20 hours of graduate level Construction Engineering Management coursework as follows:


Prerequisite to taking program coursework (equivalent coursework or demonstrated experience):

Estimating: CEM 341 and CEM 342 (8)

Planning and scheduling: CEM 343 (4)

Engineering economy: ENGR 390 (3)





CEM 550 Contemporary Topics (4)

CEM 551 Advanced Project Controls (4)

CEM 552 Risk Management (4)

CEM 553 Construction Business Management (4)



CE 520 – Engineering Planning (4)

CE 521 – Managing Delivery of Constructed Facilities (4)

CE 524 – Contracts and Specifications (4)

*CE 506 – Projects

*CE 510 – Internship

CEM 531 – Obtaining Construction Contracts (4)

CEM 541 – Heavy Civil Construction Management (4)

CEM 542 – Building Construction Management (4)

CEM 543 – Project Management for Construction (4)


* Students are required to develop a program project either through independent study (CE 506) or through internship (CE 510).  Waiver of this requirement only available through approval of the major professor.


b.      Business Administration Coursework:

Master of Business and Engineering students must take a minimum of 18 hours of graduate level Business Administration coursework as follows:


Prerequisite to taking program coursework (equivalent coursework):

Accounting: BA 211, BA 213 (6)

Finance: BA 340 (3)

Quantitative Business Methods: BA 275 (3)

Marketing: BA 390 (3)

(The above may be satisfied through a business major or business minor degree.)






      BA 528 Financial and Cost Analysis (3)

      BA 543 Financial Markets and Institutions (3)

      BA 572 Information Management (3)

      BA 590 Building Customer Relationships (3)



      BA 542 Investments (3)

      BA 550 Organization Management (3)

      BA 555 Practical Business Analysis (3)

      BA 562 Managing Projects (3)

COMM 542 Bargaining and Negotiating (3)



4.    Length of Time to Completion

The Master of Business and Engineering is intended to be a student’s terminal degree and offers in-depth study of advanced project and business course content.  The program is structured to allow students to attend campus courses on a one-day-per-week basis; two academic years (six quarters) should be sufficient to complete the 45-hr program for students meeting the minimum entrance requirements.  Regarding an upper limit for length of degree completion, University-level policy governs.


5.    Final Oral Exam

All students are required to pass a Final Oral Exam, which also serves as a communication requirement.  Three graduate faculty must be present.  The presentation will include the student’s background, a statement of professional goal(s), a discussion of the MBE program in relation to achieving the professional goal(s), and a fifteen minute presentation of the student’s project.


In the special case wherein a project or internship has been waived, the student will compile a portfolio during his/her tenure in the MBE program and present the portfolio at the oral exam.  The portfolio will be a compendium of written and other tangible work performed during the MBE effort, with an emphasis upon the student’s major area of interest.  The portfolio will be of the nature of that which a student might show a prospective employer, to demonstrate experience, competency, and professional goals. The portfolio is to include the following: 1) a statement of professional goals; 2) for each course taken, a summary of how the course complemented or facilitated achieving the professional goals; and 3) conclusions synthesizing the MBE degree in relation to the professional goal(s).  In an appendix, the student shall place 1 or 2 examples of work from each course that demonstrate the course’s support of their professional goals.


Students will be evaluated on the basis of completeness of presentation materials (including portfolio if required), on the clarity of the presentation of the written and oral material, and on the relevance of the material to the student’s professional goals


This final oral exam is expected to last approximately 20-30 minutes, including questions.  The oral exam will be conducted during the final week of classes before final exams in the student’s final quarter in the MBE program.