XML for End Users

Project Description

We are developing an XML query and transformation language that is particularly targeted at end users who have no formal training in databases or programming. The language is based on a document metaphor and allows simple selections in the style of "query-by-forms" as well as more sophisticated transformations that are expressed by so-called document rules. We are currently developing a graphical user interface to aid the construction of queries. We also investigate the automatic generation of XML transformations to help users to integrate different XML data sources.

Selected Publications

Toward the Automatic Derivation of XML Transformations, Martin Erwig
1st Int. Workshop on XML Schema and Data Management, 2003, to appear in LNCS

FoXQ - XQuery by Forms, Robin Abraham
Position Paper, Graduate Student Event at 3rd IEEE Int. Symp. on Human Centric Computing Languages and Environments, 2003

Xing: A Visual XML Query Language, Martin Erwig
Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, Vol. 14, No. 1, 5-45, 2003

XML Queries and Transformations for End Users, Martin Erwig
XML 2000, 259-269, 2000

A Visual Language for XML, Martin Erwig
16th IEEE Symp. on Visual Languages, 47-54, 2000


Here is a prototype implementation to download and play with.



Participating Researchers

Robin Abraham
Martin Erwig

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