Christian 'Values'

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  Technology, like all other things, must be judged according to a set of value standards and I have used Jesus’ standards as the basis for my critique. We have seen that technology is instrumentally good and instrumentally bad with respect to the non-human creation, people, and – the summum bonum -- God and His Kingdom. But perhaps the greatest danger of technology is its potential to distract us from the summum bonum.

Like Martha in the story from the Gospel of Luke, we are frequently distracted from the quest for the highest good. Unlike Martha, though, modern technology is often the instrument that draws our attention to things of lower value. Technology in all its aspects is a powerful distraction from the highest good, and many of us will not fully realize the kingdom of God due to the powerful influence of technology on our lives. In this article, I have summarized Jesus’ teachings on value, described how our value beliefs and other factors shape our behavior, and shown how technological objects distract us from our quest for the highest good: God and His Kingdom. Based on this line of reasoning I have offered a few suggestions on how to begin to remedy the problem. My hope and prayer is that some of my readers will, like Mary, choose what is better.


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