Course staff, contacts and office hours

Tuesdays and Thursdays noon-2PM in GILM 234

Prof. Glencora Borradaile ( and Dr. Michele Gretes ( are co-teaching this class.

Borradaile and Gretes can both be reached @cs175admin on Wire. We aim to respond to questions via email or Wire within 1 business day or live during office hours.

Office hours are Tuesday 2-3 and Thursday 10-11 in KEC 3071 and on Wire.

Overview: lecture topics & in-class activities

This schedule overview highlights the topics we will cover. Dates are subject to change. [L] indicates that your laptop will be required in class. Each day's topic links to the readings and assignments for that day futher down on this page.

1Introduction & Course OverviewStructural racism: Reconstruction to Civil Rights (Chappell)
2Intro to EncryptionAnonymity
3Threat overviewThe Limits of Liberalism & the Rise of Direct Action (Chappell)
4COINTELPRO Lecture & Document DiveCOINTELPRO Document Dive Presentations
5Social Movement Lightning TalksAuthentication
6The Green Scare (Regan)Public Key Cryptography
7[L] PGP Key Signing Party[L] Global Surveillance Lecture & Document Dive
8Global Surveillance Document Dive PresentationsGlobal Surveillance Document Dive Presentations (cont'd) and Corporate Surveillance
9Social Movement Security Project Presentations ISocial Movement Security Project Presentations II
10Social Movement Security Project Presentations IIICourse Wrapup, Applied Security & Open Discussion

Assignments: due dates & grade values

All assignments must be submitted by noon on the due date. Assignments with a question mark have not yet been posted. Due dates for assignments not yet posted are estimates.

AssignmentDue Date% Final Grade
Wire: introduce yourselfTu. April 102.0
Stations of the cipherTh. April 122.0
Tor: onion huntTu. April 172.0
Reparations/White Rage analysisTh. April 265.0
Church report analysisTu. April 245.0
COINTELPRO document dive presentationTh. April 265.0
Social movement lightning talkT. April 24/M. April 30/Tu. May 15.0
Wire: groups & fingerprintingTh. May 102.0
PGP key signingTu. May 152.0
Race, surveillance, and empire analysisTh. May 175.0
Global Surveillance document dive presentationTu./Th. May 22/245.0
Social Movement Security Project presentationTu./Th. May 29/31
Tu. June 5
Social Movement Security Project peer evaluationsTu./Th. May 29/31
Tu. June 5
Social Movement Security Project deliverableTu. June 1215.0
Final ExamTh. June 14, 9.30-10.3030.0

Notes & resources from class

This section will largely be filled in as we progress through the quarter.

Tuesday April 3: Introduction & Course Overview

Thursday April 5: Structural racism: Reconstruction to Civil Rights

Guest lecturer Prof. Marisa Chappell, OSU History Department.

  • We recommend that you read the following before class today:
    1. Ta-Nehisi Coates “The Case for Reparations” The Atlantic June 2014
    2. Carol Anderson White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide Bloomsbury: New York 2016. Chapter 1 (pp 7-38).
      -> Warning: page 40 of White Rage contains a graphic description of the lynching of a pregnant woman. While it is important to truthfully document the violence done to Black people, please feel free to skip this page if you would find it traumatic or otherwise triggering to read.
  • The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
  • Bloody Sunday in Selma Alabama
  • Race: The Power of an Illusion

Tuesday April 10: Intro to encryption

Thursday April 12: Anonymity

Tuesday April 17: Threat overview

Thursday April 19: The Limits of Liberalism & the Rise of Direct Action

Guest lecturer Prof. Marisa Chappell, OSU History Department.

Tuesday April 24: COINTELPRO: lecture & document dive

Thursday April 26: COINTELPRO: document dive presentations

See previous class.

Tuesday May 1: Social Movement Lightning Talks

See Wire for the slides from today's lightning talks.

Thursday May 3: Authentication

Tuesday May 8: Guest Lecture -- The Green Scare and Ongoing State Repression of Social Movements

Guest lecturer Lauren Regan, Executive Director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center

Thursday May 10: Public key cryptography

Tuesday May 15: PGP key signing party

  • You'll get together and form groups to help each other set up PGP. These groups (formed of a mix of technical expert and non-expert students) will stay together to do the Global Surveillance Program document dive and presentations.
  • By Wire, your group should gain approval for the technical aspect (security-focused app, platform, or other technology) of your final project by today.

Thursday May 17: Global surveillance: lecture & document dive

Tuesday May 22: Global Surveillance Document Dive Presentations I

Thursday May 24: Global Surveillance Document Dive Presentations II

Tuesday May 29: Social Movement Security Project Presentations I

Thursday May 31: Social Movement Security Project Presentations II

Tuesday June 5: Social Movement Security Project Presentations III

Thursday June 7: Course Wrapup, Applied Security & Open Discussion