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Senior Researchers

Name Office Phone (541) Email

Merrick Haller Merrick Haller
Professor, Civil Engineering
209 Owen Hall 737-9141 merrick.haller@oregonstate.edu

David Honegger David Honegger
Research Associate (Postdoc)
Hinsdale 204 737-2102 david.honegger@oregonstate.edu

Randy Pittman Randall Pittman
Senior Faculty Research Assistant I
Hinsdale 204 737-2102 randall.pittman@oregonstate.edu


Name Office Email

Chufan Fang Chufan Fang
Covell 003 fangchu@oregonstate.edu

No image available Maria Krivova
Remote krivovam@oregonstate.edu

Jay Merrill Jay Merrill
Covell 003 merrijay@oregonstate.edu


Photo Name Degree
Thesis or Project Title

- Most Recent Employment
No image available Muhammad Ali Rini M.Eng. / Mar-16

- Indonesian Port Co., Jakarta, Indonesia

Steven Steven Beadle M.Eng. / Jun-06

- Washington State Ferries, Seattle, WA

No image available Colleen Black M.S. / Jun-14
"Analysis of waves in the near-field of wave energy converter arrays through image processing"

- Moffatt & Nichol, Baltimore, MA

No image available Nicholas Brown M.S. / Dec-10
"Experiments on the Accuracy of a 3D Motion Capture System"

- Ocean Facilities Program, U.S. Navy, Port Hueneme, CA

Spencer Spencer Bull M.S. / Jan-18
"Analysis of Along-Front Propagating Instabilities on an Ebb Tidal Front"

- Ocean Facilities Program, US Navy Civil Engineering Corps

Jeane Jeane Camelo M.Eng. / Dec-11

Patricio Patricio Catalan M.Oc.E. / Jun-05
"Hybrid Approach to Estimating Nearshore Bathymetry Using Remote Sensing"
Ph. D. / Dec-08
"Microwave scattering from surf zone waves"

- Associate Professor, Departmento de Obras Civiles, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaiso, Chile

Matthew Matthew Dallon M.Oc.E. / Jun-07
"Analysis of Rip Current Embayments on the Oregon Coast"

- Ocean and Coastal Consultants, Gibbsboro, NJ

Guillermo Guillermo Diaz Méndez Postdoctoral Scholar / 2011-2014

- Research Associate, Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education, Ensenada, Baja California - Department of Geology

Song Song Gao M.Eng. / Dec-08

- Bureau Veritas, Houston, TX

No image available Dan Garcia M.S. / Aug-03
"Effects of Natural and Artificial Reefs at Beverly Beach, OR"

- BNP Paribas International finance group

Alice Alice Gillespie M.S. / Dec-15
"Wave-by-wave forecasting of sea surface elevation for WEC applications utilizing NARX neural networks"

- M3Wave, Oregon

Phillip Phillip Hamrock M.Eng. / Dec-08

- Ocean Facilities Program, US Navy Civil Engineering Corps

David David Honegger Ph.D. / Jun-15
"Depth Estimation and Frontal Imaging via X-band Marine Radar"

- Postdoctoral Scholar, Oregon State University

Rebecca Rebecca Kloster M.S. / Sep-15
"On the imaging of rip currents in X-band Marine Radar"

- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Anchorage, AK

John-David John-David Lentine M.S. / Jun-06
"Nearshore Applications of Marine Radar"

- USCG Facilities Design & Construction Center, Houston, TX

Daniel Daniel Lutz M.S. / Dec-08
"Design and construction of a real-time ocean mooring at Strawberry Hill"

- Executive Officer, Underwater Construction Team ONE, Ocean Facilities Program, US Navy, Virginia Beach, VA

Jason Jason Magalen M.Oc.E. / Jun-06
"A Laboratory Experiment on Sandbar Migration with Comparisons to Recent Models"

- Sea Engineering, Portland, OR

Shak Shak Meskill M.S. / Mar-10
"Applications of Marine Radar Wave Observing Systems"

- MAR Inc., Ontario, OR

Dave Dave Michalsen M.Oc.E. / Sep-04
"Wave Transformation Over Steep Bathymetric Features"

- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle, WA

Annika Annika O’Dea M.S. / Sep-14
"On the nearshore impact of wave energy converter arrays"
Ph. D. / Mar-20
"Remote Sensing of Nearshore Hydrodynamic and Morphodynamic Processes"

- ORISE Post-doctoral Researcher at US Army Corps of Engineers

Neil Neil Orlich M.Eng. / Jun-06

- USCG Air Station Clearwater, Clearwater, FL

Jitraporn Jitraporn Phaksopa Ph.D. / Mar-15
"Wave-current Interaction Induced by Standing Long Waves in the Surf Zone"

- Lecturer at Dept. of Marine Science, Kasetsart University, Thailand

Aaron Aaron Porter M.S. / Aug-12
"Laboratory observations and numerical modeling of the effects of an array of wave energy converters"

- Coast & Harbor Engineering, Edmond, WA

No image available Rebecca Sexton M.Eng. / Jun-14

Alexandra Alexandra Simpson M.S. / Sep-16
"Wave-by-Wave Forecasting via Assimilation of Marine Radar Data"
Ph. D. / Dec-21
"Radar and Optical Remote Sensing of Submesoscale Frontal Features"

Jeff Jeff Travis M.Eng. / Jun-10

Edward Edward Wieland M.S. / Jun-03
"Assessment of Wave Conditions and Mooring Improvement Design at Coast Guard Station Neah Bay, WA"

- USCG Shore Maintenance Command, Seattle, WA