B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University, 1971
M.S., Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, 1972
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 1976

Assistant Professor, Memphis University, 1976-1978
Assistant Professor, Clemson University, 1978-1981
Associate Professor, Clemson University, 1981-1986
Professor, Clemson University, 1986-1997
Director, School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Clemson University, 1995-1997
Professor, Oregon State University, 1998-present (James R. Welty Professorship)
Adjunct Professor, Clemson University, 1998-present

  • Engineer, United Technologies, 1972-1973
    Engineer, Nelson and Pope Consulting Engineers, 1973-1974
    Major Consultant Activities:
    NASA-Ames Research Center, 1977-1982
    duPont, 1985-1990
    Shipley Corp., 1990-1991, 1996
    Briggs and Stratton, Inc., 1993-1994
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 1999-Present
    Oregon Health Sciences University, 2001-Present
    NRC, Corp, 2001-Present
    Office of Naval Research, 2002-Present


Professional Societies


Professional Recognition

Outstanding Research Award, Sigma Xi, Clemson University Chapter, 1990

Faculty Research Fellowships: NASA Ames, NASA Langely, AFSOR Tullahoma

Recent Editorships

Jounal of Fluids Engineering, Associate Editor

Committees, Commissions, and Boards


Fluids Engineering Division, Executive Committee Member

Fluid Measurements and Instrumentation Technical Committee, Chair

Fluids Measurement Coordinating Group, Vice Chair
Emerging and Developing Applications Subcommittee, Chair
Young Engineers Paper Contest, Chair
Fluids Applications and Systems Technical Committee

Heat Transfer Division

Environmental Heat Transfer Committee, Vice-Chair 1998-2000, Chair 2000-2003


International Technical Working Group on Holography
Optical Diagnostics in Fluids and Thermal Flow Conference, Co-Chair, 1994-present

Oregon State University

Research Advisory Committee – College of Engineering
University Honors College Council, Chair 1999-2001



Current Research

King, B. and Liburdy, J.A., “Aerodynamic Properties of Artificial Cilia Sensors for Control of Micro-Air-Vehicles”, AFOSR (subcontract for Univ. Illinois), $306,749, 1/05-12/07

Liburdy, J.A., “Advanced Three Dimensional Stereoscopic Time Resolved Flow Measurements”, AFSOR, $243,123, 4/05-3/06

Liburdy, J.A., "Correlation of Drop Formation and Ejection to Jet Design and Operational Parameters", Xerox Corp., $60,000, 5/03-5/06

Pence, D.V., Liburdy, J.A., and Narayanan, V. “ Characterization of Convective Boiling in Branching Channel Heat Sinks” ONR, $493,301, 10/05-9/08

Prior Research

"Enhancement of Heat and Mass Transfer in Mechanically Constrained Ultra-Thin Films", DoE, PI for $273,860, (total award $939,477) 6/01-3/04.

"Study of Aerosol Dispersion", Hewlett-Packard Corp., $37,410, 11/02-2/03.

"Detection of Food and Water-Borne Pathogens through Snapshot Toxicology" with F. Chaplen, P. McFadden, J. Trempy, T. Plant, G. Jovanovic, B. Paul, W. Kolodziek, National Science Foundation, $1,121,501, 1999-2003; Co-PI.

"Heat Activated Heat Pump Development for Portable Cooling Applications", Cytec Corp., Co-PI (responsible for $81,551), 06/02-05/03.

Collaboration in Basic Science and Engineering, National Research Council, $8,950, 5/02-5/03.

The SOS Cytosensor System,” DARPA, PI for $78, 580, 9/30/99-3/29/01

“Droplet Array Flow Dynamics with Airflow Interactions”, Hewlett Packard Corp., $78,523, PI, 10/01/00-9/30/01.

"Testing and Development of the SOS Cytosensor System", DARPA, PI $105,843 (total award $846,751) 10/01/01 - 9/30/02.

"The SOS Cytosensor System - Phase II", DARPA, PI for $80,000 (total award $549,999).

“Heat Transfer and Flow Predictions for Concentric Canister Launchers”, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division, $71,134, PI with D.V. Pence, 10/01/20-9/15/01.

"Micro-Scale Imaging and Analysis," Tektronix Corp., $90,000.

"Aerodynamics of Droplets" Hewlett-Packard Corp. $76,423.

"Micro-Scale Imaging and Analysis," Tektronix Corp., $70,000, 1999.

"Thermal Cooling Solution Discovery for Mobile Modules During Functional Testing", Intel Corp. $65,000 1999.

"Micro-Fluidic Mixing Chamber Development," Smith Funds, OSU College of Engineering, $8,500, 1999.

"Thermal Modeling for Annealing and Quenching Processes," Oremet-Wah Chang, OMI, $37,000, 1999, Co-PI.

"Modeling of the Flow Through a Small Nozzle with a Pulsed Supply Pressure," Bioject, Inc., $15,159. 1999.

"Rod Bundle Flow Analysis – PIV Studies," Westinghouse Commercial Nuclear Fuel Division, $65,000, 1997.

"Flow Visualization and PIV Studies of Vortex Generated Flow in a Rod Bundle," Westinghouse Commercial Nuclear Fuel Division, $95,135, 1995-1996.

"Enhanced Jet Impingement Heat Transfer," General Electric Power Generation, $29,586, 1996.

"Enhancement of Golf Ball and Club Design," Maxfli Corp., $72,000, 1996.

"Fluid Dynamic Study of Through Hole Systems for Printed Circuit Boards," Shipley Corp., $27,500, 1996.

"Engineering Research Equipment: Laser Diagnostic System for Three Dimensional Velocity and Thermal Field Measurements, NSF, $136,000, 1995..

"Advanced Design Methodology Using Combined Computational/Experimental Techniques for Gas Turbine Film Cooling," PI with J.H. Leylek, DoE Advanced Gas Turbine Research, $601,188, 1994-1997.

"Study of Enhanced low Pressure Convective Heat Transfer," AT&T GIS, $15,679, 1994-1995.

"Chip Thermal Management Program," AT&T GIS, $56,600, 1994-1995.

"Aerodynamics of Golf Ball Design, Maxfli Corp., $32,500, 1994-1995; $40,000 continuation, 1995.

"Thermodynamics Multimedia Module, NSF-SUCCEED, $10,600, 1994,

"Interpolation and Computation of Holocinematographic Velocimetry Data," NASA Langley Research Center, $118,638, 1990-1992.

"Electronic Devices Cooling Laboratory Component," Industrial Cooperation Grant including support and equipment from NCR Corp., $136,500, (first of multi-year awards) 1991, Co-PI.

"Diffusion Characteristics in Oscillating Flows," Digital Equipment Corp., $82,579, 1991-1992.

"Oscillating Flow Characteristics in Electroplating," Digital Equipment Corp., $79,000, 1989-1990.

"Air Jet Design and Performance," Westinghouse Corp., $51,961, 1989-1990.

"Evaluation of Drag Coefficients of Physical Therapy Devices for Aquatic Use," Kona Fitness, Inc., $1,200, 1990.

"Flow Characteristics in High Aspect Ratio Through-Hole Plating," Digital Equipment Corp., GR245826, $7,730, 1988-1989.

"Flow Characteristics in High Aspect Ratio Through-Hole Plating – Equipment Grant," Digital Equipment Corp., $79,649, 1988-1989.

"Two-Phase and Single Phase Air-Life Pump Development," E.I. duPont Co., Inc., $58,977, 1988-1989.

"Dynamic Response of a Hydraulic Sampler System," E.I. duPont Co., Inc., $49,997, 1987-1988.

"Axisymmetric and Asymmetric Thermal Plume Development from a Heated Disk," NSF, $117,517, 1985-1987.

"Holocinematographic Velocimetry Data Analysis," NASA Langley Research Center, $6,500, 1986-1987.

"Performance Characteristics of a Hydraulic Sampler System," E.I. duPont Co., Inc., $49,198, 1985-1986.

"Prediction of the Freezing of Aluminum Castings," E.I. duPont Co., Inc., $5,761, 1986.

"Image Acquisition and Analysis System," NSF Equipment Grant, $111,148, 1985-1986.

"Sampler System: Modeling and Proposed Upgrade," E.I. duPont Co., Inc., $10,500, 1985.

"Development of Three-Dimensional Holographic Interferometry Capability," Clemson University Research Award, $2,000, 1983.

"Turbulent Structure of Natural Convection Flow in a Horizontal Cylinder with Constant Heat Flux," U.S. AFOSR, $20,129, 1982-1983.

"Investigations of Turbulent Natural Convection in a Horizontal Cylinder," U.S. AFOSR, $38,000, 1980-1981.

"Three Dimensional Transient Natural Convection in a Horizontal Cylinder," U.S. AFOSR, $10,000, 1979-1980.

"Development of a Capability of Basic Research in Thermal Science, NSF, $571,700, 1979-1985, Co-PI.

"Criterion Governing the Occurrence of Thermal Acoustic Oscillation in Cryogenic Flow Lines with Constant Wall Temperature or Constant Heat Flux," NASA Ames Research Center, $12,000, 1978-1979.

"The Influence of Condensation on Heat Exchanger Effectiveness in the Presence of Noncondensible Gases," State of Tennessee Research Grant, $1,000, 1978.

"Stability Criteria Governing Vent/Fill Lines of Cryogenic/Storage Vessels," NASA Ames Research Center, $7,500, 1977-1978.