CS 450/550 -- Fall Quarter 2022

Project #1

50 Points

Due: October 3

Draw Something Cool in 3D!

This page was last updated: September 3, 2022


This project requires you to draw something fun in 3D. It must be of your own creation. You can use pre-canned 3D objects, such as the ones that GLUT provides, in addition to your own, but you must also create your own geometry.

You can explicitly list your own 3D coordinates, or you can use equations and define the 3D shapes procedurally.

You must have at least 100 x-y-z coordinates. These can be divided up among multiple of your objects.

The scene must have 3D thickness, nothing that is completely planar.

You must use at least 5 different colors.

The 3D rotation and scaling from the sample program must still be working.


Use the Teach system to turn in your:

  1. Your .cpp file
  2. A one-page PDF with a title, your name, your email address, a nice screen shot from your program, and the link to the Kaltura video demonstrating that your project does what the requirements ask for. Narrate your video so that you can tell us what it is doing.

    Be sure that your video is flagged as unlisted.

    A good way to test this is to ask a friend to try to open the same video link that you are giving us.


To see what the 2021 class did with this assignment, click here.


At least 100 vertices20
At least 5 colors20
3D rotation and scaling10
Potential Total50