CS 450/550 -- Fall Quarter 2023

Test #2 Review

This page was last updated: December 2, 2023

Test #2 will be taken using the Canvas Quiz mechanism. It will consist of 40 multiple choice questions to be done in 60 minutes. It is Open Notes.

Warning! "Open Notes" is not the same as "I don't need to study for it"! You will run out of time if you have to lookup in the notes every one of the questions.

Date and Time Range:

Test #2 (which is a second test, not a comprehensive final) will be taken on Canvas in a 60-minute interval of your own choosing during December 13-17 (Finals Week). It will open at 12:01 AM on Wednesday December 13 and will close at 11:59 PM on Sunday, December 17. The test will be open notes.

Test rules:

Clearly I cannot enforce the Closed Friends. I am counting on your honesty. I would refer you to the Code of Student Conduct.
Also, you should know that, while there is a lot of good information on the Internet, there is a lot of bad information too, or information explained in a different way. This test has been written with respect to our class notes. Complaints about a missed test answer because "that's not what something000something.com says" will be ignored.

The test can potentially cover any of the following topics:

Class Topics:


4Keytime Animation
5Texture Mapping

[ I can't ask any Final Project questions because everyone is doing something different. ]