CS 457/557 -- Winter Quarter 2023

Shaders Final Project

100 Points

Due: Tuesday, March 21, 23:59:59, no Bonus Days

A one-page PDF project proposal is due to me by 23:59:59 on Wednesday, February 22

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Examples from Previous Years

I have many of the final project reports from previous years in my office. I will show them to you in one of the classes.

The Turn-In Process:

  1. Your electronic turnin will be done at http://teach.engr.oregonstate.edu and will consist of:
    1. All source files (.c, .cpp, .glib, .vert, .frag, .geom) You can zip all the non-PDF source files together if you want.
    2. A PDF report with
      • A title, your name, your email address
      • A copy of your accepted proposal
      • A description of what you did
      • Nice screen shots from your program
      • The link to the Kaltura video or Loon or YouTube video demonstrating that your project does what you said it would do.
      • If your final result is different from what you proposed, explain how it is different and why.
    3. Narrate your video, if possible, so that you can tell me what it is doing.
    4. Be sure your video's protection is set to Unlisted.
    5. Do not put your PDF into your zip file. Leave it out separately so my collect-all-the-PDFs script can find it.

    Submissions are due at 23:59:59 on the given due date.
    Note: Bonus Days cannot be used on this project. Sorry. I've already made the due date as late as I can.