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Latest update: December 11, 2010

Game Maker Notes


  1. Jacob Habgood and Mark Overmars, The Game Maker's Apprentice, Apress, 2006.

    This is a really good reference book. It sells for $26 through Amazon. Click here to get to it.

  2. Jerry Lee Ford, Getting Started with Game Maker, 2009.

    This book is good. I don't like it as much as The Game Maker's Apprentice. But, it is aimed at a lower level, and thus might be better for beginners.
    It sells for $24 through Amazon. Click here to get to it.

Game Maker Technology Magazine


Game Maker version 8

Click here to get a list of new features in version 8 over version 7.

Oregon Game Project Challenge

Other Game Programming Resources

Other Stuff

Here's notes on some other fun things:

Blender notes

Scratch notes

SketchUp notes

Processing notes

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