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This page was last updated: January 11, 2007

OpenDX Documents

Mike's Introduction to OpenDX (1 slide per page -- good for reading)
Mike's Introduction to OpenDX (2 slides per page -- good for printing)
The OpenDX Quick Guide -- as if 150 pages is "quick"??
The OpenDX User Guide -- Appendix A, Appendix F, and the Glossary are really good
The OpenDX User Reference Manual -- the modules are described in alphabetical chapters
The OpenDX Program Guide -- writing your own OpenDX modules


terrain visualization -- or.dx
scalar visualization -- pts.dx
vector visualization -- vecs.dx

Sample OpenDX Networks

Click here to go to the directory of sample OpenGL networks.

To run one, copy both the xxx.net file and the xxx.cfg file into the same directory. Then read the .net file by clicking on Edit Visual Programs in the main OpenDX menu.

You can also load these programs by clicking on Samples in the main OpenDX menu.

OpenDX Book

Viz Solutions has written an OpenDX textbook.

David Thompson, Jeff Braun, and Ray Ford, OpenDX: Paths to Visualization, Vis Inc., 2001.

Click here to order it.

It costs $55 (plus shipping) online.


Viz Solutions has also nicely packaged up the OpenDX binaries on one DVD.

> Click here to order it.

It costs $35 (plus shipping) online.

Caveat: OpenDX wants to run through an X window server. That is not on the DVD. It needs to be obtained some other way.

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