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Latest update: August 25, 2023

Downloading ParaView

If you can do your own installs, go to http://www.paraview.org and select Download up at the top.

ParaView Notes -- latest update August 25, 2023:

ParaView Files:

ParaView example files from the notes.

scalar.csv Scalar data in input csv form
scalar.pvsm Full state of scalar data visualization
scalar.py Full state of scalar data as a Python script
vector.csv Vector data in input csv form
vector.pvsm Full state of vector data visualization
vector.py Full state of vector data as a Python script
terrain.csv Mount Hood terrain data in input csv form
terrain.pvsm Full state of Mount Hood terrain data visualization
terrain.py Mount Hood terrain data as a Python script
scalarcompare.pvsm Full state of a scalar comparison view
anim.pvsm Full state of the animation example
anim.avi AVI animation file
anim.ogv OGV animation file
parallelcoords.pvsm Full state of the parallel coordinates example

You can get a .zip file with all of these files here.

(The *.pvsm files are actually XML so they can be looked at.)

Good Online References:

Good Printed References:

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