Theory of Computation
Oregon State University, Fall 2017

Theory of computation is about understanding the limits of what computers can do.

Note: I am teaching two sections of 321 this term (an honors section and a non-honors section). The two sections have different structure, different homeworks, different requirements. This page is for the non-honors section!


Dec 1
Nov 26
Homework 7 posted.
Nov 22
Final exam will be December 6 at 6-8pm.
Nov 15
Homework 6 posted.
Oct 30
Homework 5 posted.
Oct 23
Midterm study guide posted. Remember that the midterm is this Wednesday.
Oct 16
Homework 4 posted, due Oct 23 morning. Also, solutions to infamous Homework 3 problem 4 posted.
Oct 9
Homework 3 posted, due Oct 16 morning.
Oct 2
Homework 2 posted, due Oct 9 morning.
Sep 26
TA office hours announced (see info above).
Sep 25
Homework 1 posted, it's due Oct 2 morning. Mike's office hours will be MW after class.
Sep 20
Homework 0 posted. It's not for grade.
Sep 15
The website is ready. Let's do some CStheory!




Hand them here, on Canvas, in PDF format.

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