About Me

I am currently pursuing a degree in electrical and computer engineering at Oregon State University. That being said, I enjoy doing stuff outside of school too. I am involved in research with the Human-Machine Teaming Lab, and I also do side projects for fun and extending my knowledge.

Outside of school and working on my projects, I like to exercise and explore some creative hobbies. I built a bike on a China carbon frame and have ridden that for three years. I also enjoy playing soccer for fun and competition, and have been seen many times playing ultimate frisbee with my friends in the Epic Movement community. I am also passionate about photography and videography, although it is rare that I get to explore these passions. When I do, my Nikon D5500 and I pursue them with a passion. Here are couple of my recent videos!

Collective Robotics Testbed COVID-19 Edition

SCARA Robot for Junior Design