Information for New and Prospective Students

Although I am semi-retired, I maintain a very active research program. I am recruiting new students interested in three main directions:

I prefer to have all of my students jointly supervised with other faculty members, as this provides for more robust and diverse advising. I currently am jointly supervising students with Alan Fern, John Selker (BEE), and Debashis Mondal (Statistics). I am also recruiting students to work jointly with me and Rebecca Hutchinson, Fuxin Li, or Stefan Lee. Hence, if you would like to work with me, contact me via email or alternatively contact one of these other faculty members and suggest a joint advising arrangement.

To work with me, you should have the following background:

Prospective students interested in a research assistantship should email me a letter that describes their background, experience, and research goals. Please also include a list of the courses you have taken (and grades received) and a resume. Attach copies of any papers that you have published in English.

Tom Dietterich,