Use of Piazza

Instead of a traditional mailing list, we’ll be using Piazza. You should sign up for Piazza and join the class page ASAP so that you don’t miss any important announcements.

CS 381 on Piazza

The main motivation for using Piazza is its Q&A platform, which is geared toward students helping other students. Anybody can post or answer a question, and you can even do so anonymously if you’re shy. The TAs and I can then revise (if needed) and endorse student answers so you can be confident in the quality of the response.

Please post to Piazza for all questions about lectures, homework, or any other class-related topic, rather than email me or the TAs. If you email us, we’ll probably just tell you to post it to Piazza, so it’s more efficient to post it there directly!

Students should also frequently check-in to answer other students’ questions. Not only will this enable everyone to get help quickly, but teaching someone else is the best way to learn something, so you’ll be improving your understanding of the material as well.

As a little external incentive, a few points of extra credit will be awarded at the end of the class to especially active and helpful Piazza participants.

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