Introduce Yourself!

Due: Fri, Sep 25

(If you add the course after this deadline, please still complete this assignment. You will get full credit for participating.)


In this mini-assignment you will briefly introduce yourself to me and your classmates. Since we’ll all be interacting a lot in this class, I think it’s important that we get to know each other a bit!

What to Submit

Make a post to the “Introduce Yourself” discussion in Canvas.

Your post should include:

  • At least 3-4 sentences of personal introduction. What you share is completely up to you, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

    • Your current year of study, research group, advisor, etc.
    • What you prefer to be called, if different from the name in Canvas.
    • Where you’ve lived, where you’re from, and/or where you’re holed up for the pandemic.
    • Your background, for example, what you majored in as an undergrad (especially if not CS), or what you did for work before grad school.
    • Your interests, hobbies, pets, etc.
  • Brief answers to all of the following questions:

    • Have you taken CS 381 at OSU?
    • Do you have any experience with Haskell? Other functional languages?
    • What programming languages do you know best?
  • One (or both) of the following:

    • An interesting, unusual, or fun fact about yourself (not covered in your personal introduction).
    • A picture of you doing something besides sitting in front of your webcam.

I’ve included an introduction for myself already, so you can see an example and also get to know me a bit more. It’s definitely fine if your intro is more concise than mine.

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