Office Hours Policy and Strategy

Office hours will be held on Zoom using the links provided through Canvas.

We will be actively in the Zoom meeting room for at least the first 10 minutes of the scheduled hour. However, if there are no students present, we may leave the room. Therefore, if you would like to come to office hours and know you will be late, please send an email in advance stating what time you will arrive so that we can be sure to be there.

If several students arrive at similar times, we will often admit all of them at once unless a student needs to speak privately about something. One of the benefits of office hours is that often the help another student receives helps improve your understanding too. Even better, you might be able to contribute to helping one of your fellow students.

Office hours are most effective when students come prepared with specific questions after spending some time individually working on a homework assignment or exercise. A good tip is to be ready to share your screen to focus on a specific problem that you’re struggling with.

If you come prepared, office hours can be some of the most beneficial and rewarding parts of class, so we hope to see you there!