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X-rays and Tricycles - check out our synchrotron work with supercritical CO2

    Work by Anna Herring and Linnea Andersson. Video by Anna Herring. 

    The Oscar for best cinematography goes to....



Steffen Schl
ueter has joined our group as a post-doc funded by a Feodor Lynen Fellowship from the German Humboldt Foundation

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Research Overview:

Research in Dr. Wildenschild's group focuses on physics, chemistry, and microbiology of relevance to flow and transport in porous media, - generally applied to the subsurface environment. And in many cases involving multi-phase flow phenomena.

A primary focus is detailed and highly controlled experiments (addressing flow, solute and mass transfer, microbial alteration and transport) that can help us evaluate new theory and numerical models alike. We believe in the necessity of very accurate experiments to test theory and models alike, - we then use numerical models to expand investigations beyond the potential constraints of experiments.

The motivation is to provide answers to questions of importance to subsurface water pollution and management, remediation strategies, and the processes of flow and transport in porous media in general.

Below are links to some examples of our more recent research efforts.


Imaging Biofilm Structure in Porous Media

Microbially Enhanced Oil Recovery

Interfacial Area Measurement for Multi-Phase Porous Media Systems

Pore-Scale Modeling of Multi-Phase Flow



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