An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programmind

Timothy Budd's Virtual Bookshelf, #3


An Introduction to
Object-Oriented Programming

By Timothy Budd

Published by Addison-Wesley, 1991
ISBN: 0-201-54709-0
This was the first book to try a general
introduction to OOP that was not grounded in
any specific language. It came about when I
wanted to teach a course on OOP, but allow students
to work in whatever language they wanted.

This marks the first appearance of Phyl,
the platypus who was to appear many times
more on covers of various books.

Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French.
Reviewed in:
The Journal of Object-Oriented Programming, 1991,
Novye Knigi za Rubezhom (New Foreign Books -- USSR), 1991,
American Mathematical Monthly, 1991,
Programmer's Journal, 1991.
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