Reported Errors in

An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (2nd Ed)

by Timothy A. Budd

(Last modified 11 May 1998)

The errors on this list are found in the 3rd and 4th printings of the book, but were removed in the 5th printing.

Readers of the first or second printing should also look at list of typos and errors corrected in third printing

Chapter 3.

Page 63, 16 lines from bottom
It is not clear what ``it'' in the phrase ``it is a violation'' refers to. Should say ``the fact that the names of these fields are visible to the user at all is a violation''. (tv)

Page 64, and elsewhere
class card should be Card (initial cap). (ma)

Page 64, comment
solitare should be solitaire (gc)

Page 68, line 9
"Programming languages" should be language (singular) (jv)

Chapter 4.

Page 75, 10 lines from bottom
``print itself on a given window'' should be ``draw itself'' (tv)

Page 77, section 4.1.4, line 11
``to be marked as flipped over'' should be ``to flip over''. (tv)

Page 79, first line,
missing word "that can be modified" (pm)

Page 84
Constructor for Complex should use doubles, not int. (ma)

Page 85, class Trace
Missing semicolon after constructor prototype. (tl)

Page 85, bottom of page, and 86
Dummy variable names are omitted from code. Should be
	Trace dummy("procedure A");
and so on. (tv)

Page 89, declaration of type Complex in Object Pascal
colon should be equals sign, as in
		Complex = object

Page 90, last line
``an data field'' should be ``a data field'' (tv)

Chapter 7.

Page 132, first line (again!)
Are be applicable should be are applicable (la)

page 141
Fourth paragraph, similarly function should be similarly named function (rr)

Chapter 8.

(3rd) Page 151, picture
Horribly mangled (gc)

page 151
a instance should be an instance (ch)
Source code
misspells solitaire as solitare several places

Chapter 12.

Page 216, line 13
semantics of the language change to semantics of the C++ language (tv)

Page 218, code
change colon to equals sign in code
		intbuffer = object

Page 225
3rd paragraph, communitivity should be commutativity (rr)

Page 226, definitions of co and contravariant
Prior usage is murky, (Meyer uses the terms in the context of data fields, Khoshafian and Abnous combine argument type and return type). However, the most critical reading of prior use would seem to indicate that I have the two definitions backwards.

Page 226, about 17 lines from bottom
Situations were, should be situations where (fa)

Page 230, 2nd paragraph
More important, should be more importantly (hl)

Page 232, 2nd code fragment instanceOf should be instanceof (lower case o) (tl)

Chapter 16

Page 288, last text line before code on bottom of page
Misleading sentence. Something like ``Finding the location of the first 7 value in a list of integers ..." would be better. (tl)

Page 291, line 14 from bottom
To make more clear, the word shipment should be expanded to incoming shipment.

page 298
worst: 1 should be worst: 2 (tv)

Chapter 17

Page 302, section 17.1.1
The order of the ranking is not stated. Should say something like ``A list ranked from worst to better might look'' (gc)

Chapter 18

Page 321, first line of section 18.1
A application framework should be An application framework (hl)

Page 322, 6 lines from bottom
a application should be an application (tv)

Page 323, first line
Change ``a'' to an application framework (tv)

Page 322, 2 lines from bottom
such as an a mathematical (remove an) (hl)

(3rd) Page 327, picture
Symbols instead of lines (gc)

(3rd) Page 329, picture
Symbols instead of lines (gc)


Errors in the Errata List
Several meta-errata (errors in previous versions of the errata list) were reported by Tom Verhoeff.

Many Thanks

Many thanks to the following, who noticed one or more of errors reported above.
Mohammad H. Al-Huwaidi, CogniSeis Development Inc.
Luis Alvarez, Student in Computer Software Technology, Bath University
Francisco Azuola, Universidad de Costa Rica (University of Costa Rica).
Gerald Cahill, Antelope Valley College, Lancaster CA
Craig Hondo, IMS corporation
Eric Landry, Computer Engineering Student, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
Thomas Larsson, Lecturer Mälardalens Högskola (Mälardalen University), Sweden.
Professor Hang Lau, Computer Science, Concordia University, Canada
Konstantin Laufer, Department of Math, Loyola University, Chicago.
Patrick McCormick, Computer Science, The University of New Mexico--Los Almos.
Wes Pinchot, Graduate Student, Oregon State University
Kjell Post, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Engineering, Mälardalens Högskola (Mälardalen University), Sweden.
Gordon Royle, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science, University of Western Australia
Russ Ruby, Computer Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
Jeff Slomka, Southwest Texas State University
Patrick Thompson, Rogue Wave, Corvallis, Oregon
Jim (Jacxjo) Vanderveen, IT Administrator, Office of Water Programs, California State University, Sacramento.
Constantin Vasiliu, Tektronix, Beaverton Oregon
Ganesh Venkat, Nationwide Insurance
Tom Verhoeff, Department of Math and Computing Science, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands.

BTW A machine crash some time back deleted a file that held several other reported errata that I had not yet verified. If you are looking for an errata you reported previously and do not see it, please let me know once again.

Report all errors to me at
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