Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, 3rd Ed

Timothy A. Budd

Chapter 8

Inheritance and Substitution


  1. Roadmap
  2. Abstract idea of Inheritance
  3. Practical Meaning of Inheritance
  4. Private Public and Protected
  5. Inheritance is both Extension and Contraction
  6. The Is-a rule
  7. Reuse of Code, Reuse of Concept
  8. Syntax for Inheritance
  9. Trees vs Forests
  10. An Argument for Substitution
  11. Subclass vs Subtype
  12. Syntax for Overriding
  13. Interfaces and Abstract Classes
  14. Forms of Inheritance
  15. Benefits of Inheritance
  16. The Costs of Inheritance
  17. Chapter Summary

Other Material

Intro OOP, Chapter 7, outline