Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, 3rd Ed

Timothy A. Budd

Chapter 20



  1. What is the STL?
  2. Generic Algorithms versus Encapsulation
  3. Iterators
    1. How do you describe a range of values
    2. Begin and End
    3. What must iterators do
    4. Iterator Operations
  4. Function Objects
    1. Why do this?
  5. Example Program-Inventory System
    1. Inventory
    2. Item Arrives in Shipment
    3. Item Arrives on Order
    4. Function Objects
  6. Maps, indexed data structures
    1. The Graph Being Represented
    2. Representing a Distance
    3. Shortest Path Algorithm
  7. The Future of OOP

Other Material

Intro OOP, Chapter 20, Outline

What is the STL?