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About EDSS

The Engineering Decision Support System (EDSS) is a web-based system for design team decision support. The current version is 1.0, released February 1996.

EDSS Tutorial

We have a step by step tutorial available for EDSS that will walk you through a simple example decision problem. We highly recommend that you step through the tutorial if you are unfamiliar with EDSS. To try the tutorial, click here.

EDSS Web Prototype

Version 1.0 is currently available for use.

Related Papers

Engineering Decision Support System, by D. Herling, D. Ullman, and B. D'Ambrosio

Decision Problem Representations for Collaborative Design, by B. D'Ambrosio and D. Ullman

A Taxonomy For Classifying Engineering Decision Problems And Support Systems, by D. Ullman and B. D'Ambrosio

Current Project Members

Shikha Ghosh Gottfried:
Last updated: April 19, 1996