FGL/ML - A Functional Graph Library for ML

Changes made to previous versions.

The functional graph library for ML provides a set of ML signatures, structures, and functors that realize several interfaces and implementations of functional graphs for the use within ML programs. This library is for use with Standard ML'97, a version for Haskell can be found here.

To use the library make sure that you have SML/NJ (Version 110) installed together with the SML/NJ library and the compilation manager (CM). Then:

The Library Manual explains which graph structures and functions are implemented and how they can be used.
(There is currently no online version of this manual.)

The library contains not just a couple of graph algorithms, but rather builds upon a functional view of graphs and graph algorithms. This view has been motivated and explained in the paper Functional Programming with Graphs. Descriptions of several graph implementations together with benchmark results are given in the paper Fully Persistent Graphs - Which One to Choose?

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