Update Programming

Project Description

This project is concerned with the application of program transformation and meta programming techniques to the problem of software maintenance and reuse. Our goal is to develop languages in which update programs can be written that can perform software changes automatically. An important aspect is that these update programs should preserve properties of the programs they change, such as syntax or type correctness.

Selected Publications

A Generic Recursion Toolbox for Haskell (Or: Scrap Your Boilerplate Systematically), Deling Ren and Martin Erwig
ACM SIGPLAN Haskell Workshop, 13-24, 2006

Monadification of Funtional Programs, Martin Erwig and Deling Ren
Science of Computer Programming, 2004

Type-Safe Update Programming, Martin Erwig and Deling Ren
12th European Symp. on Programming, LNCS 2618, 269-283, 2003

A Rule-Based Language for Programming Software Updates, Martin Erwig and Deling Ren
3rd ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Rule-Based Programming, 67-77, 2002

Programs are Abstract Data Types, Martin Erwig
16th IEEE Int. Conf. on Automated Software Engineering, 400-403, 2001

Participating Researchers

Mansour Al-Mutairi
Martin Erwig
Deling Ren

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