What is an Engineer?

What is the Engineering Process?

Engineering Design Process

Ask: Ask Questions to fully understand problem, materials, constraints, and goal. If the scope is not fully understood, the solution may not be effective towards solving the problem. Once the problem is fully understood, engineers need to ask themselves: How have similar problems been solved in the past?

Imagine: Based on the understanding of the problem and the research performed, what are some potential solutions? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each solution? Choose the idea with that best solve the problem.

Plan: Map/Draw the solution. Identify materials needed to build. A successful engineering design starts with a well thought out plan.

Build/Test: Use the plan and materials list to create the design. Once the design has been built, it’s ready to test.

Improve: Did the design work? Did something not work as anticipated? What could work better? Adjust design then test.