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Latest update: August 2, 2020

Blender Campers:


We take the safety of everyone very seriously! Face-covering masks will be required of everyone during every minute of the class. No exceptions!

We will be wiping the equipment down before classes start and in the middle of the day.

The workstations have been socially distanced. Each student will be assigned one workstation for the entire week. They will spend every day on that one station. Individual stations will not be shared between students.

When and Where

The class is Monday-Friday, August 3-7, 2020, 9:00 - 12:00 in OSU's Computer Graphics Education Lab (CGEL) located in Batcheller Hall, room 244. (Room 244 is right next to the second floor stair landing.)

We start on time.

A Map

Map to the CGEL.

Drop-off and Pick-up:

There is a parking lot behind Batcheller Hall (north side, shown in blue on the map). That is a good drop-off and pick-up spot.


Even though most OSU students are gone, the parking police are definitely still here. You can't park on campus near Batcheller Hall without an OSU parking permit.

There is paid parking at Bates Hall, the parking structure, and at the football stadium. If you do one of these, put money or plastic in the parking machine, put the little slip of paper on your dashboard, and walk to Batcheller Hall.

You can try parking off-campus in the neighborhoods, but I hear that this isn't always easy either. And, it annoys the people who live there. Sorry.

The Notes:

These are the notes we will be working through. You don't need to print these (thank goodness!), but we will follow along with them.

Blender is a free program. You can load it on your own system. Go to http://blender.org Click on the blue Download button.

We will be using Blender version 2.8.3, but any version that you have that is 2.8 or greater will be fine. Don't load version 2.79 -- that version is so last year! The user interface totally changed between version 2.79 and version 2.8.

These are the notes:

Latest update of these notes: August 2, 2020

Memory Stick

We recommend that you bring a memory stick to save your work on. There is no guarantee that any files you save on our CGEL machines will be there the next day. Also, there are some files below that would be handy for you to pre-load on your memory stick.

Blender Files:

These are Blender example files from the notes.
You can download them one-at-a-time below, of get them in one AllFiles.zip here, which includes all .blend, .jpg, .bmp, .obj, and .mp4 files.
Blender Campers: please pre-load these on your memory stick!

anim1.blend One-character animation
anim2.blend Two-character animation
balltubes.blend Physics: ball rolls down tubes
blowing.blend Blowing particles (see particles.blend below)
cloth.blend Cloth animation
cloth.pinned.blend Pinned-cloth animation
cycles.blend Cycles-rendering scene
cycles_stereo.blend Spherical Stereo for a VR Headset
cycles_stereo_spherical.jpg Spherical Stereo image for a VR Headset
dominos.blend Rigid body dominos animation
freestyle.blend Freestyle rendering
golf.blend Physics: ball rolls into a hole
hinge.blend Rigid body joint
lattice.blend Modeling with lattices
meshes.blend The Blender set of mesh objects
mist.blend Shows use of the mist option
model.blend Human-ish model
modelmoved.blend Human-ish model posed
parent-child.blend Parent-child relationship
particles.blend Non-blowing particle system (see blowing.blend above)
rigid.blend Rigid body motion
scene.blend A scene we will use to talk about rendering
stereo.blend Stereographics
textures.blend Both procedural and image textures
wireframe.blend Using the wireframe modifier
worldtex.bmp A texture file of the world

Obj Files:

Pre-created files that can be imported into Blender:

cat.obj Cat
bunny010n.obj The Stanford Bunny
cow.obj Cow
dino.obj Triceratops
dog.obj Dog
skeleton.obj Human skeleton
shapeship.obj Spaceship
teapot.obj Teapot

Blender Videos:

anim2,mp4 Two-character animation
cloth,mp4 Cloth animation
dominos,mp4 Falling-dominos physical simulation
particles,mp4 Particle simulation

Blender 2.8* is Here!

I have been collecting additional resources to learn Blender 2.8*.

The Blender Guru (http://www.blenderguru.com/) has three great videos:

The Blender Guru has just put out a series of Blender 2.80 video tutorials (thanks, Andrew!). Find them here.

Creating hundreds of walking people -- surprisingly straightforward

Sculpting in Blender 2.80

The Blender 2.80 Reference manual is here.

A free de-noiser is described here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGAjsSNtX6E.

The new Blender 2.80 "Principled Shader": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4H5W6C_Mbck.

Principles of Design videos: https://www.ctrlpaint.com/videos/principles-of-design-introduction.

Good Web References:

Good Printed References:

Did you like these notes? Want to try some other stuff?

Here's notes on some other fun things:

Scratch notes -- drag and drop programmiung with animation and sound, and even some game development

SketchUp notes -- who would have ever guessed it was so easy to draw in 3D?

ParaView -- Interactive 3D Visualization

TinkerCAD notes -- this is really good if you want to make models that can be 3D-printed

Processing notes -- serious graphics programming

A Whirlwind Introduction to Computer Graphics

Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Contact:
Mike Bailey
Oregon State University Computer Science
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