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Latest update: March 6, 2019


A Kinder and Gentler Scratch Introduction:

Adams Elementary:

Raining Cats-and-Dogs Game Files for Adams Elementary:


Breakout Game Files for Adams Elementary:

Maze Game Files for Adams Elementary:

Fake 3D for Adams Elementary

Handy Lists of Scratch Commands:

Scratch Files used in the Notes:

cat.running.laps.sb Simple cat animation
clone.sb2 Example use of cloning in Scratch 2.0
color.square.sb Fun concentric-square pen plotter
draw.a.circle.sb Drawing a line circle
kinematics.sb Forward kinematics
limacons.sb Drawing Limacons ("snail") curves
lissajous.sb Lissajous pattern curves
orbit.sb Orbital Mechanics
particles.sb2 A 2D particle system
polar_rose.sb A polar rose curve
polar_tulip.sb A polar tulip curve
projectile.sb Projectile motion
spiro.sb A Spirograph -- change the parameters and hit the space bar to redraw
stamp.sb Using the stamp command
threed.sb2 Attempting to emulate 3D rotation
where.in.hawaii.sb ChromaDepth Hawaii
where.in.oregon.sb ChromaDepth Oregon
where.in.the.world.sb ChromaDepth World

Background Image Files used in the Notes:

ca.jpg ChromaDepth California
hawaiimap.jpg ChromaDepth Hawaii
mars.jpg Mars, showing Valles Marineris and Olympus Mons
oregonmap.jpg ChromaDepth Oregon
usa.jpg ChromaDepth USA
worlde.jpg Earth, eastern hemisphere
worldmap.jpg ChromaDepth Earth
worldw.jpg Earth, western hemisphere




Scratch 2.0

The Scratch 2.0 standalone program can be downloaded here.

Want to try the browser-only version of Scratch 2.0? Click here.


Here are the color notes in 1pp, 2pp, and 6pp formats.

Terrel Smith's (Thursday lunch speaker) web page can be found here.

Other Stuff

Here's notes on some other fun non-Scratch things:

Blender notes

Game Maker notes

SketchUp notes

TinkerCad notes

Processing notes

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