ECE 323 -- Electronic Circuits II

Homework | Exam

    Class syllabus for Winter 2018

    Responsibility Who OH Location Office Hours
    Professor Un-Ku Moon / moon@oregonstate KEC-4093 MW 4-5 & T 3:30-4:30
    TA Siyuan Chen / chensiyu@oregonstate KEC atrium TRF 10-11
    TA Siladitya Dey / deys@oregonstate KEC atrium TWR 12:30-1:30
    TA Jian Kang / kangjia@oregonstate KEC atrium MWR 2-3
    TA Hossein Mirzaie / mirzaieh@oregonstate KEC atrium WRF 3-4

    HSPICE manual (PDF files sorted in order... old/1998)

    HSPICE help (simpler/useful... old/1995)

    Simple HSPICE demo
    Some UNIX shell scripts that I like to use: hsp, hstrip, hpurge. But first READ this.
    Some more HSPICE examples: using SWEEP, simulating multivibrator/oscillator.
    An old HSPICE example from ECE 322: bjtamp.sp

    Other Sites: SPICE overview.

    HSPICE models: NPN322 transistor model, NMOS transistor model, PMOS transistor model, CD4007 transistor models, CD4069UB transistor models, 741 op amp subcircuit model, 3904 (NPN) subcircuit model, 3906 (PNP) subcircuit model.

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