ECE 323 -- Electronic Circuits II

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    Class syllabus for Winter 2020

    Responsibility Who OH Location Office Hours
    Professor Un-Ku Moon / moon@oregonstate Zoom meeting TR 10-11:20
    TA Manxin Li / liman@oregonstate Zoom meeting T 2-3 & MWF 11-noon
    TA Hang Hu / huhan@oregonstate Zoom meeting MW 4-5 & RF 2-3

    HSPICE manual (PDF files sorted in order like the printed manual--old but contains basic stuff)

    Simple HSPICE demo
    Some UNIX shell scripts that I like to use: hsp, hstrip, hpurge. But first READ this.
    Some more HSPICE examples: using SWEEP, simulating multivibrator/oscillator.
    An old HSPICE example from ECE 322: bjtamp.sp

    Other Sites: SPICE overview.

    HSPICE models: NPN322 transistor model, NMOS transistor model, PMOS transistor model, CD4007 transistor models, CD4069UB transistor models, 741 op amp subcircuit model, 3904 (NPN) subcircuit model, 3906 (PNP) subcircuit model.

    2019 EECS Graduation excerpt (~8MB ~1min .mp4)
    Robert Rose

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