Recent News and Announcements


January 2018: Recent work on the effect of warm-air blowers and blanket system used during surgeries on potential surgical site infections was published online. Read the related news article here. The complete paper can be found here.


March 2016: Dr. Apte's proposal to Center for Turbulence Research's Summer Program at Stanford University was selected. Dr. Apte will be attending this month long summer program in July 2016 together with graduate students Bryan He and Pedram Pakseresht!

March 2016: Justin Finn's paper on "Particle based modeling and simulation of natural sand dynamics in the wave bottom boundary layer" was recently accepted for publication in Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Great job, Justin!

March 2016: Chaitanya Ghodke completed his PhD degree in Winter 2016! Congratulations Chai. His work was recently published in Journal of Fluid Mechanics: "DNS study of particle-bed-turbulence interactions in an oscillatory wall-bounded flow." He will be joining GE Global Research in April. Great job, Chai!

May 2015: Chaitanya Ghodke invited to attend ASME-JSME-KSME Joint Fluids Engineering Conference AJK2015 by ASME's Fluids Engineering Division in Coex, Seoul, Korea! Chai's paper won the best paper award last year in Chicago, which led to an invitation to present in Korea!

April 2015: Chaitanya Ghodke awarded Oregon Lottery Scholarship, scholarship to attend the Burgers Program 2015 Summer Research School on Fluid Dynamics at University of Maryland, and Scholarship to attend Combustion Summer School at Princeton University! Congratulations Chai!

August 2014: Chaitanya Ghodke's research work selected for Best Paper award at the ASME's Fluid Dynamics Conference in Chicago. The paper is titled, "DNS of Oscillatory Boundary Layers Over a Colsely Packed Layer of Sediment Particles," FEDSM2014-21719, ASME 5th US-European Joint Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting, Chicago, August 2014. Congratulations Chai!

June 2014: Dr. Apte wins MIME's Faculty Research of the Year Award!

April 2014: Chaitanya Ghodke and Dr. Apte's proposal to Center for Turbulence Research's Summer Program at Stanford University was selected. Chaitanya and Dr. Apte will be attending this month long summer program in July 2014.

April 2014: Press release on Tracie Jackson's PhD work. Staying Fluid! and here.

April 2013: Andrew Cihonski and Justin Finn's paper receives the Robert T. Knapp Award as decided by the ASME's Fluids and Engineering Awards Committee!!! The Robert T. Knapp award is presented for the most outstanding original papers dealing with analytical or laboratory research in fluids engineering. Andrew's paper (FEDSM2012-72378: “MODELING AND SIMULATION OF MULTIPLE BUBBLE ENTRAINMENT AND INTERACTIONS WITH A TRAVELING VORTEX RING,” by Andrew J. Cihonski, Justin R. Finn, Sourabh V. Apte.) was presented by him at the Peurto Rico summer conference last year. Andrew is currently a post-doctoral researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Justin Finn is a post-doctoral researcher at University of Liverpool, UK. Congratulations Andrew!

April 2013: Tracie Jackson's paper was accepted for publication in Water Resources Research. Great job Tracie!

April 2013: Justin Finn leaves Corvallis and onto a post doctoral position at University of Liverpool, UK! Good luck Justin!

March 2013: Justin Finn successfully defends his PhD thesis. Congratulations Justin! His PhD research has resulted in three journal articles in reputed journals such as Journal of Computational Physics, Chaos, and International Journal of Multiphase Flow. Couple more articles are in the making.

January 2013: Happy New Year! Andrew Cihonski's paper based on his research work accepted for publication in Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Justin Finn's paper on computational method for particulate flows with broad-range of density ratios was also accepted for publication. Congratulations Andrew and Justin!

Chaitanya Ghodke joins our research group as a PhD student. Welcome Chaitanya!

October 2012: Andrew Cihonski joins Los Alamos National Laboratory as a post-doctoral fellow! Congratulations Andrew!

September 2012: Andrew Cihonski successfully defends his PhD thesis. Congratulations Andrew! His research work was presented at ASME's Summer Conference in Peurto-Rico. He will also present his work at APS-DFD in November. His work was recently published in Journal of Fluid Mechanics. The conference version of this paper received the Robert T. Knapp Award for best paper!

September 2012: Dr. Apte was nominated as Adjunct faculty of Water Resources Engineering and Water Resources Science, at Oregon State University.

August 2012: OSU team led by Dr. M. Kevin Drost, Vinod Narayanan and Sourabh Apte received a new DoE award under the EERE's Sunshot Concentrating Solar Power program. This collaborative work will focus on designing, building, and demonstrating a liquid or gas-cooled microchannel receiver for solar energy conversion.
Fall 2011: Dr. Apte will offer an Honors section of ME373H. UHC students as well as high-achieving students are encouraged to take this section intead of the regular section. Owing to smaller class-size, it is anticipated that this section will provide more one-on-one interaction with all students.

Fall 2011: Dr. Apte receives Englebrecht Young Faculty Award. The award is made annually to a young faculty member to support and recognize exceptional scholarly and teaching accomplishments. The award was established by Christel and Rudolf Engelbrecht, latter being an OSU associate professor emeritus of EECS.

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