Integrated Wi-Fi and Free-space Optical Communication System(WiFO)

Please check out the latest articles about our WiFO system, and video demonstration, including a video highlight produced by NSF here.

We thank NSF for sponsoring the WiFO project.

Research:  WiFO system aims to overcome the WiFi overload problem by enhancing wireless capacity using the complement FSO technology which does not interfere with the WiFi transmission bands. When leveraged with the existing high-speed (Gigabit) Ethernet infrastructure, the proposed WiFO system based on the current FSO technology can provide Gbps per user via local FSO transmissions. Unlike stand-alone FSO technology, when integrated with WiFi, the proposed WiFO system provides high mobility via a novel system architecture that enables wireless devices to seamlessly and gracefully receive data simultaneously at different rates from FSO and WiFi channels based on their conditions.

Research opportunities:  We are actively looking for talented undergraduate students.




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