What is the Product Delivery Process (PDP)?


To understand PDP, we need to understand how it fits within an overall Xerox Product Delivery Environment and its focus on Leadership Through Quality.


The Product Delivery Process alone will not enable us to deliver world class products to a multinational market. It is dependent on linkages with other Xerox groups and organizations, defining deliverables, requirements and timing. Technology is addressed early in the Preconcept phase. This phase has been expanded to encompass product specific technology development. The Customer Delivery Process (CDP) defines the practices and procedures used by Operating Units to provide planning, engagement, launch and field support for end user products and services. Work with Fuji Xerox is also underway to establish a common Management Decision Process to enable joint product development activities. Finally, linkage to various councils has been established to sponsor and steer the development of PDP and to provide feedback on implementation to capture lessons learned and support the evergreen aspects of process improvement.

The Product Delivery Process, no matter how clearly defined and documented, will not get us to our goal. We will only be successful if we have an overall D&M environment that supports it. This environment will include a stable and consistent strategic business focus, the total cooperation and support and visibl commitment of management, and the provision of required resources and critical skills for implementation.

Now let us take a look at the Product Delivery Process. The Product Delivery Process is the collection of events, decisions and deliverables required to develop and deliver new Xerox products to a worldwide market. The primary customers for the process are the Product Delivery Teams, to enable them to deliver products while meeting their QCD requirements. Secondary customers include D&M Senior Management, Manufacturing, the Operating Units, and world-wide Marketing.

The process of developing and delivering products is really a sequence of customer/supplier relationships. The Product Delivery Process looks at these relationships throughout a product program life cycle and identifies what it takes to successfully meet these requirements.