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Weekly group meeting picture, May 2023. From top left to bottom right: Camila, Fernando, Gustavo, Patricio, Steven, Claudia, Jake, myself, Nick, Kristian, Tanner, Mehrshad, Naser (not in picture ) 

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End of year group lunch, Dec. 2014. From left to right: Rajendra, Shafiq, myself, Andre, Matt, Vahid, Gabe, Paul, Cody, Luis, Feras (not in the picture Patrick and Drew) 

Current Group Members (2 post-docs, 3 Ph.D., 3 M.S.)

Esther Baas, Ph.D. Student, Graduating Class 2023

Research Topic: Structural Health Monitoring of Timber Structures

Gustavo Fernando Orozco, Ph.D. Student, Graduating Class 2023

Research Topic: Performance-based Seismic Design.

Mershad Amini,  Post-doctoral Scholar (2021 - present)

Research Topic: Community Resilience to Earthquake and Tsunami Hazards

Patricio Uarac, Ph.D. Student, Graduating Class 2024

Research Topic: Optimization and Performance-based Seismic Design

Steven Kontra, M.S. Student, Graduating Class 2023

Research Topic: Shake-table Testing of Mass-timber Structures

Jacob GeshM.S. Student, Graduating Class 2024


Research Topic: Physical and Numerical Modeling of Creep in Mass-timber Walls 

Tanner Field, M.S. Student, Graduating Class 2024

Research Topic: Mass-timber Structures

Current Undergraduate Students

Kristian WalkerUndergraduate Research Assistant, Graduating Class 2023


Former Group Members  (3 Post-docs, 14 Ph.D., 24 M.S., 27 U.G.)

M24. Carly Loving, M.S. Student, Graduated 2022

Research Topic: Structural Reliability of Bridges using Innovative Technologies and Worklows

M23. Mohit SrivastavaM.S. Student, Graduated 2021

Research Topic: Timber Concrete Composite Floor Systems

PD3. Mohammad Shafiqual Alam, Post-doctoral Scholar (2019 - 2021)

Research Topic: Lifeline Loss and Recovery Analysis

M22. Esther Baas, M.S. Student, Graduated 2020

Research Topic: Structural Health Monitoring of Timber Structures, co-advised by Prof. Mariapaola Riggio

P14. Zeyad Al-Sayhood, Ph.D. Student, Graduated 2020 

Research Topic: Tsunami Loading on Building Structures, co-advised by Prof. Michael Scott

M21. Shrenik Bora, M.S. Student, Graduated 2020 

Research Topic:  CLT Moisture Performance and Impact on Connections, co-advised by Prof. Arijit Sinha

M20. Renee Engleson, M.S. Student, Graduated 2019

Research Topic: Cross-laminated Pier and Spandrel Solutions for Seismic Retrofit of Existing URM Structures 

M19. Brad Taylor, M.S. Student, Graduated 2019 

Research Topic: CLT Diaphrams, co-advised by Prof. Arijit Sinha

P13. Feras Khlef, Ph.D. Student, Graduated 2020 


Research Topic: Seismic Design of High-performance Fiber-reinforced Concrete (HPFRC) Bridge Structures, co-advised by Prof. Jason Ideker

P12. Ignace Mugabo, Ph.D. Student, Graduated 2019 

Research Topic: Structural Health Monitoring of Timber Structures, co-advised by Prof. Mariapaola Riggio

P11. Mustafa Buniya, Ph.D. Student, Graduated 2019

Research Topic: Performance-based seismic assessment and design of RC-CLT Hybrid Building Structures, co-advised by Prof. Barbara Simpson

P10. Sharoo Shrestha, Ph.D. Student, Graduated 2019 

Research Topic: Seismic Retrofit of RC Bridge Columns using Titanium Alloy Bars, co-advised by Prof. Christopher Higgins

M18. C. Hunter AndersonM.S. Student, Graduated 2019


Research Topic: Reassessment of Grading Criteria with Respect to the Flexural Properties of Douglas-fir Crossarms

PD2. Kameshwar SabarethinamPost-doctoral Scholar

Research Topic: Community-level Seismic and Tsunami Risk and Resilience

M17. Kolton Mahr, M.S. Student, Graduated 2019

P9. Mohammed Asaad, Ph.D. Student, Graduated 2019

Research Topic: RC Plate and Shear Wall Modeling

P8. Leonardo Rodrigues, Ph.D. Student at University of Minho,Portugal, Visiting Ph.D. student at Oregon State University in 2017, Graduated 2019

Research Topic: Robustness of Mass-timber Structures

P7. Mohammad Shafiqual Alam, Ph.D. Student, Graduated 2019

Research Topic: Community-level Seismic and Tsunami Risk and Resilience

M16. Nicolas Matus, M.S. Student, Graduated 2018

Research Topic: RC shear friction interfaces containing high-strength steel

M15. Brian DeMeza, M.S. Student, Graduated 2018 

Research Topic: CLT and CLT-concrete composite diaphragms

P6. + PD1. Rajendra Soti, Ph.D. Student, Graduated 2017; Post-doctoral Scholar 2017-2018

Research Topic: Cost-effective Retrofit of Buildings with URM Walls

P5. Andre Belejo, Ph.D. Student, Graduated 2017 


Research Topic: Soil-structure interaction in performance-based seismic design

Current Position: SEFT Consulting Group, Portland, OR 

P4. Vahid Mahdavifar, Ph.D. Student, Graduating Class 2017 

Research Topic: Experimental testing and numerical modeling of hybrid Cross-Laminated Timber connections, co-advised with Prof. Arijit Sinha

Current Position: Post-doc at UMass Amherst

P3. Milena Massari, Ph.D. Student, Univ. Bologna, Italy, Graduated 2017 

Research Topic: Cross-laminated timber innovative designs for rocking systems, co-advised Professor Marco Savoia

Current Position: Researcher at University of Bologna, Italy

M14. Mackenzie Lostra, M.S. Student, Graduated 2016 

Research Topic: Innovative materials and methods for retrofitting bridge columns, co-advised by Prof. Chris Higgins

M13. Curtis BlankM.S., 2016

Research Topic: Performance Based Tests on Cross Laminated Timber - Concrete Composite Floor Panels

M12. Syed Baqir HusseinM.S., 2016


Research Topic: Evaluation of seismic response directional combination rules for existing plan irregular reinforced concrete buildings

Current Position: Senior Engineer, ECSP, Lahore, Pakistan

P2. Filipe Ribeiro, Ph.D. Student at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Visiting Ph.D. Student at Oregon State University, Graduating Class 2015

Research Topic: Seismic robustness to multiple cascading hazards, co-advised by Prof. Luis Neves

Current Position: Structural Designer at Profico, Lda.

M11. Drew NielsonM.S., 2015

Research Topic: High-strength reinforcement for bridges, co-advised by Prof. David Trejo

Current Position: Designer, Reid Middleton, Washington

M10. Patrick BurnsM.S., 2015

Research Topic: Assessing, Coding, and Marking of Highway Structures in Emergency Situations, co-advised by Prof. Michael Olsen

Current Position: Designer, Magnusson Klemencic Associates, Seattle, Washington

P1. Luis Miranda, Visiting Scholar, LNEC, Portugal, Fall 2014

Research Topic: Numerical modeling of liquefaction mitigation measures in immersed tunnel foundations using OpenSees

Current Position: Researcher and Ph.D. Student, LNEC - Laboraório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, Portugal

M9. Trevor Carey, MS, 2014

Research Topic: Multi-hazard framework and analysis of soil-bridge systems: Long duration earthquake and tsunami loadingco-advised with Prof. Ben Mason

Current Position: Ph.D. Student, University of California, Davis

M8. Jessica Cawley, MS, 2014

Research Topic: Review of guidelines for the design of tsunami vertical evacuation building, co-advised with Prof. Harry Yeh

Current Position: 

M7. Amrutha Das, MS, 2014 

Research Topic: Risk and reliability associated with use and reuse of vertical formwork co-advised with Prof. John Gambatese

Current Position: Project Engineer at Kerr Contractors, OR

M6. Tim Link, MS, 2014 

Research Topic: Seismic performance of reinforced concrete bridge columns constructed with grade 80 reinforcement, co-advised with Prof. David Trejo

Current Position: Bridge Designer at David Evans Associates, Portland, OR

M5. Yicheng Long, MS, 2013

Research Topic: Effect of subduction zone earthquakes on SDOF bridge models

Current Position: Assistant Design Engineer,  WHL Asia (Shanghai) Ltd.

M4. Anthonie Kramer, MS, 2014

Research Topic: Cross-laminated timber engineering : improvement and application, co-advised with Prof. Arijit SInha

Current Position: Project Engineer, Arup, LA, CA

M3. Garlan Ramadhan, MS, 2013

Research Topic: Seismic performance of diagrid steel structures using single and double friction mass dampers

Current Position: Design Engineer, PT. Wiratman, Indonesia

M2. Kyle Romney, MS, 2013

Research Topic: Soil-bridge interaction during long-duration earthquake motions

Current Position: Staff Engineer, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Oregon

M1. Ruben Rosario,  Ms.c. 2014, at Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Research Topic: Structural Fire Modeling Using OpenSees, co-advised by Prof. Luis Neves

Current Position: Research Engineer, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

28. Kalei KittlesonUndergraduate Research Assistant, Graduating Class 2023

28. Kristian WalkerUndergraduate Research Assistant, Graduating Class 2023

27. Tanner FieldUndergraduate Research Assistant, Graduating Class 2022

26. Kirsten FoxUndergraduate Research Assistant, Graduating Class 2018

25. Glen GalantUndergraduate Research Assistant, Graduating Class 2018

24. Risa de AsisUndergraduate Research Assistant, Graduating Class 2017

23. Elashae TanimotoUndergraduate Research Assistant, Graduating Class 2017

22. Brad TaylorUndergraduate Research Assistant, 2016-2017

21. Spenser MaunuUndergraduate Research Assistant, 2016-2017

20. Anna Tsai, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Summer 2017

19. Zeping Liu, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Summer 2017

18. C. Hunter Anderson, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2016-2017

17. Amy McKee, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2015

16. Kyle LoganUndergraduate Research Assistant, 2015-2016

15. Jonathon RoyUndergraduate Research Assistant, 2015-2016

14. Gabriel AschUndergraduate Research Assistant, 2014-2015

13. Samuel GardnerUndergraduate Research Assistant, 2014-2015

12. Matt KesslerUndergraduate Research Assistant, 2014-2015

11. Vandad Mazarei, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2014-2015

10. Paul SchroederUndergraduate Research Assistant, 2014-2015

9. Cody TibbitsUndergraduate Research Assistant, 2014-2015

8. Kaitlyn DorrUndergraduate Research Assistant, Spring 2015

7. Carlos Ortiz, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Spring 2014

6. Kristina Milaj, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Winter 2014

5. Cody Tibbits, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Summer 2013, Fall 2013

4. Nicholas James McElmurry, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Fall 2013

3. Huijing (Sheela) Wang, Undergraduate Research AssistantFall 2013

2. Amy Kordosky, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Winter 2013 

1. Anthonie Kramer, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Spring to Summer 2012

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