Teaching and Service

CE 382 - STRUCTURAL THEORY II (4 credits)

This course presents traditional methods in Structural Analysis. It is a continuation of CE 381 – Structural Analysis I. In both courses the whole book by Hibbeler (Structural Analysis) is covered. Furthermore, lecture notes and slides, as well as worked examples were developed and provided to students. This course includes an extra two hour recitation a week. Each week, in recitation, students are given a problem to work on as a group and they turn it in at the end of each class. Both lecturers and graduate teaching assistants are available in class during recitation to provide continuous feedback on an individual basis and to support peer group discussions on how to solve and complete the assignment. Topics covered include: Analysis of statically determinate structures (beams, frames, trusses); Deflections; and  energy methods, introduction to matrix methods are materials presented. 


CE 534 - STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS (4 credits)

In this course I developed a traditional curriculum to teaching Structural Dynamics, following the first 13 chapters in Chopra’s “Dynamics of Structures” textbook. Topics covered included: Analytical and numerical solutions for single, multi-degree of freedom and continuous vibrating systems. Behavior of structures, dynamic forces and support motions. Seismic response spectra analysis. MATLAB was used as a tool for developing solutions to homeworks.

PREREQS: CE 382 or equivalent.


PREREQS: CE 534 or equivalent.


Application of probability and statistics in the analysis and design of civil and mechanical engineering systems. Probabilistic modeling of loading and resistance. Probability-based design criteria including load and resistance factor design.

PREREQS: ST 314 or equivalent.


In this course I advised the Structures section of the Capstone project (30 students). This course provides the capstone design project experience exposing students to problems and issues similar to those encountered in the practice of civil engineering. Students should have completed ALL other required courses in their degree program prior to registering for this course. 

University Service

Search for Director of AWP Wood Center of Excelence, College of Forestry and College of Engineering, 2015 (Chair Laurie Schimleck, WSE)

Scholarship Committee, School of Civil & Construction Engineering, 2014-2015 (Chair J. Ideker)

School Head Search Committee Member, School of Civil & Construction Engineering, 2014 (Chair C. Kelly)

Interim School Head Search Committee Member, School of Civil & Construction Engineering, 2014 (Chair C. Kelly)

Faculty Search Committee Member, Construction and Engineering Management, School of Civil & Construction Engineering, 2013-2014 (Chair D. Trejo)

Strategic Planning Committee, School of Civil & Construction Engineering, 2013 (Chair D. Sillars)

Faculty Search Committee Member, Structural Engineering, School of Civil & Construction Engineering, 2012-2013, (Chair J. Gambatese)

Graduate Committee Representative on several Masters defenses

Graduate Thesis or Project Committees


1. Anthony Sorentino, MS, 2012

2. Kathryn Pfretzschner, MS, 2012 

3. Anthony Hafner, MS, 2012 

4. David Taylor, Undergraduate University Honors Thesis, 2012

5. Christina Garrett, Undergraduate University Honors Thesis, 2012 

6. Therese Plaum, MS, 2013 

7. Nataliya Kozlova, M.Eng., 2013 

9. Andrew Hanek, MS, 2014

10. Kenneth Carabbacan, M.Eng., 2014

11. Hyoungsu Park, Ph.D., 2016

12. Wennan Li, MS, 2016

13. William M. Short, MS, 2016

14. Benjamin Hunter, MS, 2016

15. Jonathan Knudtsen, MS, 2016

16. Thanh Huynh, MS, 2016

17. Kyle Sullivan, MS, 2017


1. Jon Huffman, PhD (Civil Engineering)

2. Lei Zhang, Ph.D. (Civil Engineering)

3. Qiang Li, Ph.D. (Civil Engineering)

4. Ming Chen (Civil Engineering)

Graduate Council Representative

1. Hari Nagarajan, MS, 2017 (Industrial Engineering)

2. Brandon Massoni, MS, 2016 (Mechanical Engineering)

3. Mitchell Daniels, MS, 2016 (Mechanical Engineering)

4. Addison Wisthoff, MS, 2016 (Mechanical Engineering)

5. Robin Kiff, MS, 2016 (Mechanical Engineering)

6. Mitchell Colby, MS, 2013 (Mechanical Engineering)

7. Min Ye, MS, 2013 (Wood Science and Engineering)

8. Ryan Siegel, PhD, 2012 (Agricultural and Resource Economics)

9. Thomas J. Wright, MS, 2012 (Mechanical Engineering)

10. Stephen Sills, MS, 2012 (Mechanical Engineering)

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