SmallWorld -- A Smalltalk Interpreter written in Java

Written by Tim Budd,

SmallWorld is a public domain Smalltalk interpreter written entirely in Java. It is based on the Little Smalltalk system, which was the first Smalltalk interpreter written outside of Xerox Parc, back in 1984. (Which means I've been working on this program for over twenty years!).

I eventually hope to have more information here. At the moment we have:

Its an Application, AND an Applet

The driver for Small World is both an application and an applet. If your browser supports swing applets you can run Small World directly from your browser. Just click the class browser button in the window below and you are on your way. There are drawbacks - while you can create and execute Small World programs, you won't be able to save them :-) To really create new programs you will have to download the system.

Sorry, your browser doesn't appear to support applets.