and the

Robert C. Wilson Graduate Program in Construction Engineering and Management

are proud to present the creation of the:


Master of Business and Engineering Degree (MBE)
Construction Engineering Management (CEM)

Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering.


Approved by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education

March 5, 2004


The MBE degree program differs from the existing M.S.C.E. degree program in several ways.. The proposed degree allows more business course content and features an internship as the preferred independent study alternate. At the discretion of the supervising professor, a degree candidate may optionally fulfill the degree requirements with a project or all coursework. The new degree accepts qualified candidates with any B.S. degree from an accredited program, whereas the MSCE requires candidates to have an engineering or construction management degree. The fund has been made possible due to the vision of, and a generous donation from, retired Corvallis contractor, Robert C. Wilson.

For more detailed information about the new MBE degree, please reveiw the questions below, and follow one of the links for more specifics.

Q: Do I qualify for admittance to the program?
A: Admission requirements for the proposed MBE program are as follows: Any undergraduate degree with three years of experience working in construction industry management or supervisory positions. Candidates with a BS in Construction Engineering, Civil Engineering, or Construction Management will not be required to have work experience, although work experience is strongly recommended; a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the last 90 quarter hours of course work, combined (verbal and quantitative) GRE scores exceeding 1100, GRE verbal greater than 400, (or GMAT score greater than 500) and a minimum TOEFL score of 580 (international students). Note that individual business courses have certain undergraduate-level prerequisites that must be completed prior to taking the business courses. This prerequisite information is available in the on-line course catalog at the listing for each individual course. Admitted students that lack these prerequisites may take the required courses, but the courses will not count as credit for the MBE degree.

Q: Due to career commitments, I am unable to enroll in either the full program indicated, but am interested in taking some of the newly available classes; what are my options?
A: First, entering students will obtain the most benefit from following the sequences of coursework described in the preliminary schedule of coursework; this sequence has been designed with the working professional in mind. However, we recognize that the schedule outlined may, in rare circumstances, be inconvenient for some. Options for these students include: Enrolling in a non-degree program such as a Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Student, or as a Post-Baccalaureate Student. In either case, there are limitations on the number of coursework hours (15) that will count toward the proposed MBE (or any other) degree, and other limitations.

Q: What does it take to earn the new degree?
A: Check out our MBE flow diagram.

Q: How will the program be scheduled?
A: Check out our preliminary schedule of coursework for the next two years.

Q: Where should I start?
A: Begin by seeking admission to the OSU graduate school, and contact us with any questions you may have.

This program made possible through:
the Robert C. Wilson Graduate Program in Construction Engineering and Management Fund, and
the Oregon State University College of Engineering.
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