Advanced Studies for Graduate Students. OSU CEM provides you with two ways to improve your knowledge of construction engineering and management. Each program is designed with slightly different goals, while maintaining the flexibility to enjoy many of the classes from either program.

There is no "typical" situation for any prospective student--especially true for advanced, graduate students who may have significant education and experience, and who may be looking to improve in specific ways.

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Outreach to the Industry

Developing knowledge that positively impacts the construction industry, and providing that knowledge through teaching and outreach.

Placing entering professionals into industry, and providing knowledge and tools to current professionals through seminars, short courses, and close interaction with professional organizations.

Advanced Studies
for Graduates

Professional Studies
For undergraduates
Designed for those interested in moving to the next level in the business of construction management. This degree made possible by the R.C. Wilson Graduate Program in Construction Engineering Management Fund.
  MSCE in CEM—
Designed for those interested in furthering their technical education and advancing the science of construction engineering and management.

  BSCE in CEM—
Developing work-ready graduates with a unique combination of engineering, project management and business coursework.
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