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Latest update: August 21, 2023

2023 Blender Campers:

We would like you all to fill out the Blender Camp Survey! Click here to get into it.
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Welcome to the 2023 Online Blender Camp! We're excited to have you here.

Daily Challenges for Blender Campers:

Monday Challenge:

Tuesday Challenge:
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Friday Challenge:

The Notes:

Blender is a free program. You can load it on your own system. Go to http://blender.org Click on the blue Download Blender button.

Our notes are based on Blender version 3.6, but any version that you have that is 3.0 or greater should be fine.

These are the notes:

Latest update of these notes: August 21, 2023

Blender Files:

These are Blender example files from the notes.
Blender Campers: please pre-load these on your memory stick!

anim1.blend One-character animation
anim2.blend Two-character animation
balltubes.blend Physics: ball rolls down tubes
blowing.blend Blowing particles (see particles.blend below)
cloth.blend Cloth animation
cloth.pinned.blend Pinned-cloth animation
cornhole.blend Using physics to get a cube to bounce into a hole
cycles.blend Cycles-rendering scene
cycles_stereo.blend Spherical Stereo for a VR Headset
cycles_stereo_spherical.jpg Spherical Stereo image for a VR Headset
dominos.blend Rigid body dominos animation
fluidmonkeycone.blend Monkey-fluid falling over a cone
fluttering.blend A flag fluttering in the breeze
freestyle.blend Freestyle rendering
golf.blend Physics: ball rolls into a hole
hinge.blend Rigid body joint
lattice.blend Modeling with lattices
meshes.blend The Blender set of mesh objects
mist.blend Shows use of the mist option
model.blend Human-ish model
modelmoved.blend Human-ish model posed
parent-child.blend Parent-child relationship
particles.blend Non-blowing particle system (see blowing.blend above)
reflrefr.blend A scene with reflection and refraction
rigid.blend Rigid body motion
scene.blend A scene we will use to talk about rendering
stereo.blend Stereographics
textures.blend Both procedural and image textures
wireframe.blend Using the wireframe modifier
worldtex.bmp A texture file of the world

And, if you want textures for other planets, visit one of NASA's sites at: https://nasa3d.arc.nasa.gov/images

Also check out: https://www.solarsystemscope.com/textures/

and: https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/4720

Obj Files:

Pre-created files that can be imported into Blender:

cat.obj Cat
bunny010n.obj The Stanford Bunny
cow.obj Cow
dino.obj Triceratops
dog.obj Dog
skeleton.obj Human skeleton
shapeship.obj Spaceship
teapot.obj Teapot

Blender Videos:

anim2,mp4 Two-character animation
cloth,mp4 Cloth animation
dominos,mp4 Falling-dominos physical simulation
fluttering.mkv A flag fluttering in the breeze.
lattice,mp4 Lattice sculpting
particles,mp4 Particle simulation

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Good Printed Blender References:

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