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Latest update: July 15, 2024

2024 Blender Campers:

Virtual (Online) Blender Camp

See you on July 8! I am excited to meet you.

The Notes:

Our notes are based on Blender version 4.1, but any version that you have that is 3.5 or greater should be fine.

These are the notes:

Latest update of these notes: July 15, 2024

Here's Something Fun -- You Can Place 3D Blender Scenes on a Web Page!

Wiggle the Mouse Left and Right!

Blender Files:

These are Blender example files from the notes.
Blender Campers: please pre-load these on your memory stick!

anim1.blend One-character animation
anim2.blend Two-character animation
balltubes.blend Physics: ball rolls down tubes
blowing.blend Blowing particles (see particles.blend below)
cloth.blend Cloth animation
cloth.pinned.blend Pinned-cloth animation
cornhole.blend Using physics to get a cube to bounce into a hole
cycles.blend Cycles-rendering scene
cycles_stereo.blend Spherical Stereo for a VR Headset
cycles_stereo_spherical.jpg Spherical Stereo image for a VR Headset
dominos.blend Rigid body dominos animation
fluidmonkeycone.blend Monkey-fluid falling over a cone
fluttering.blend A flag fluttering in the breeze
freestyle.blend Freestyle rendering
golf.blend Physics: ball rolls into a hole
hinge.blend Rigid body joint
lattice.blend Modeling with lattices
meshes.blend The Blender set of mesh objects
mist.blend Shows use of the mist option
model.blend Human-ish model
modelmoved.blend Human-ish model posed
parent-child.blend Parent-child relationship
particles.blend Non-blowing particle system (see blowing.blend above)
reflrefr.blend A scene with reflection and refraction
reflrefr6.blend A scene with lots of reflection and refraction
rigid.blend Rigid body motion
scene.blend A scene we will use to talk about rendering
stereo.blend Stereographics
textures.blend Both procedural and image textures
wireframe.blend Using the wireframe modifier
worldtex.bmp A texture file of the world

And, if you want textures for other planets, visit one of NASA's sites at: https://nasa3d.arc.nasa.gov/images

Also check out: https://www.solarsystemscope.com/textures/

and: https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/4720

Obj Files:

Pre-created files that can be imported into Blender:

cat.obj Cat
bunny010n.obj The Stanford Bunny
cow.obj Cow
dino.obj Triceratops
dog.obj Dog
skeleton.obj Human skeleton
shapeship.obj Spaceship
teapot.obj Teapot

Blender Videos:

anim2,mp4 Two-character animation
cloth,mp4 Cloth animation
dominos,mp4 Falling-dominos physical simulation
fluttering.mkv A flag fluttering in the breeze.
lattice,mp4 Lattice sculpting
particles,mp4 Particle simulation
reflrefr6,avi An animation with lots of reflection and refraction

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