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Rhian Preston



Research Interests



From November 2015 to July 2020 I was a practicing engineer for Framatome (formerly Areva) where I designed...

  • boiling water reactor nuclear fuel
  • smart refueling bridges for nuclear reactors
  • robotic systems for non-destructive testing and examination of nuclear reactors



Some interesting tidbits, maybe

  • I have a decade of technical theatre experience running the full gamut:
    • props
    • costumes
    • set design and construction
    • stage managing
    • lightboard, soundboard, and stagehand
  • I've done some blacksmithing (and would go back to it if I had a forge!)
  • I ocassionally write stories and have been for most of my life
  • I play video games, and off and on slowly work on making my own
  • I'm queer
  • I am not a website designer, and yet I keep trying

Extra Goodies



I've posted tutorials on a variety of topics over the years, links to some of them can be found here.