Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, 3rd Ed

Timothy A. Budd

Chapter 21

Software Frameworks


  1. Roadmap
  2. The Tension between Reuse and Specialization
  3. Reuse of Code, Reuse of Concept
  4. A Simple Example, a GUI System
  5. Deferred Methods, Two Views of the Same Thing
  6. Reuse of High Level Abstractions
  7. An Example of a Low Level Abstraction, Sortin gEmployee Records
    1. Types of Reuse
    2. A Sorting Framework
    3. Specializing the Sorting Framework
  8. An Upsize Down Library
  9. Not Just One Class
  10. Flexibility and Rigidity
  11. An Example Framework, the Java Applet API
  12. Simulation Framework from Chapter 7
  13. A Generalized Event Driven Simulation Framework
    1. The Simulation Class
  14. Chapter Summary

Other Material

Intro OOP, Chapter 21, Outline