Martin Erwig

Professor of Computer Science
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon 97331-3202

Email: erwig [at] eecs.oregonstate.edu
(541) 737-8893
(541) 737-1300
Office: Kelley Engineering Center 3045 (Map)


My research interests are centered around the following topics: An overview of my current and past research projects can be found here. I am a member of the EUSES Consortium, whose goal it is to support end users with creating and maintaining their own software.


I am an Associate Editor of the Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, and I am currently and a member of the SLE, VL/HCC and EUSES steering committees. I am currently on the program committees of DSLDI 2014 and FOSD 2014. Please consider submitting a paper.

In previous years, I have been General Chair of VL/HCC 2009 and Program (Co-)Chair of the following conferences: SLE 2013, VL/HCC 2012, VL/HCC 2005, FOS 2004, HCC/VMPSE 2002, ASDM 2000. I have been a member of the programm committees for the following conferences and workshops: GPCE 2014, SLE 2014, VL/HCC 2014. VaMoS 2014, FOSD 2013, GPCE 2013, VL/HCC 2013, VaMoS 2013, FOSD 2012, PPDP 2012, PEPM 2012, VaMoS 2012, VL/HCC 2011, IFL 2011, FOSD 2011, PADL 2011, VaMoS 2011, TFP 2010, VL/HCC 2010, GPCE 2009, DSL 2009, SEEUP 2009, VL/HCC 2008, IFL 2008, VL/HCC 2007, RULE 2006, VL/HCC 2006, VL/HCC 2004, VLFM 2003, VDB 2002, COSIT 2001, IFL 1999, COSIT 1999, IFL 1997.


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Office Hours

By appointment. Please send me an email.