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Journal Papers:

* Xiaolong Wang, Brie Howely, Maggie Chen, Ray T.Chen, 4x4 Non-blocking Polymeric Thermo-optic Switch Matrix using the Total Internal Reflection Effect, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, Vol.12, pp.997-1000, Sep/Oct (2006)

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* Brie Howely, Yihong Chen, Xiaolong Wang, Qingjun Zhou, Zhong Shi, Yongqiang Jiang, and Ray T. Chen,  2-bit Reconfigurable True Time Delay Lines Using 2X2 Polymer Waveguide Switches, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Vol.17, No.9, pp.1944-1946 (2005)

* Jingwei Liu, Xiaolong Wang, Shaowu Chen, and Jinzhong Yu, Analyses of Relations between Modulating Area Structure and Switch Speed and Power Consumption of SOI Thermo-Optic Switch Based on Finite Element Method, Chinese Journal of Semiconductors, Vol.25 No.10, pp.1324-1330 (2004)

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* Xiaolong Wang, Jinzhong Yu, and Shaowu Chen, Mode Analysis of SOI Waveguide with Trapezoidal Cross Section, Chinese Optoelectronics/Laser, Vol.13, No.11, pp.1120-1123 (2002)


Conference Papers:

* Xiaolong Wang, Brie Howley, Maggie Y.Chen, Panoutsopoulos Basile and Ray T. Chen,  Fully-integrated 4-bit True Time Delay Module using Polymer Optical Switches and Waveguide Delay Lines, paper presented in Integrated Photonics Research and Applications (IPRA) Topical Meeting/ Nanophotonics (NANO) Topical Meeting, Uncasville, CT, April 26-28, (2006)

* Brie Howley, Xiaolong Wang, Yihong Chen, and Ray T. Chen, Integrated Polymer Optoelectronic Time Delay Device for an X-band Phased Array Antenna System, Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits VIII, Proc. of SPIE, Vol. 6124, 61240Z, (2006)

* Maggie Yihong Chen, Brie Howley, Xiaolong Wang, Panoutsopoulos Basile, and Ray T. Chen, 2-D Scalable Optical Controlled Phased-Array Antenna System, Nanophotonic Packaging, Proceedings of SPIE, Vol. 6126, 61260I, (2006)

* Xiaolong Wang, Brie Howley, Maggie Y. Chen, Qingjun Zhou, Ray T.Chen and Panoutsopoulos Basile, Polymer Based Thermo-optic Switch for Optical True Time Delay, Proceedings of SPIE Vol.5728, pp.60-67 (2005)

* Brie Howley, Xiaolong Wang, Qingjun Zhou, Yihong Chen, Ray T. Chen, Polymer Waveguides and Thermo-Optic Switches for an Optical True Time Delay Phased Array Antenna , Proceedings of SPIE ,Vol.5731,pp.12-19 (2005)

* Li Wang, Xiaolong Wang, Jinho Choi, David Hass, Jerry Magera, and Ray T. Chen, Low-loss, thermally stable waveguide with 45 degree micromirrors fabricated by soft molding for fully embedded board-level optical interconnects, Proceedings of  SPIE, Vol.5731, pp.87-93 (2005)

* Ray T Chen, Li Wang, Jinho Choi, Xiaolong Wang; Packaging efforts for inter- and intra-board level optical interconnects, Lasers and Electro-Optics Society, 2004. LEOS 2004. The 17th Annual Meeting of the IEEE  ,Volume: 1 , Nov. 8-9, Pages:441 - 442 (2004)

* Li Wang, Jinho Choi, Xiaolong Wang, Ray T. Chen, David Hass, and Jerry Magera, Thin film optical waveguide and optoelectronic device integration for fully embedded board level optical interconnects, Proc. SPIE Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. 5556, 1 (2004)

* Jinho Choi, Li Wang, Xiaolong Wang, D. Hass, J. Magera, R.T. Chen, Performance evaluation of fully embedded board level optical interconnection ,Biophotonics/Optical Interconnects and VLSI Photonics/WBM Microcavities, 2004 Digest of the LEOS Summer Topical Meetings , 28-30 June Pages:9- 10 (2004)

* Jinzhong Yu, Xiaolong Wang, Jingwei Liu, Qinfeng Yan, Jinsong Xia, Zhongchao Fan, Zhangtao Wang, Shaowu Chen, MMI optical couplers and switches with SOI technology, Optoelectronics, Proceedings of the Sixth Chinese Symposium, Sep 12-14, page: 251-254, (2003)